After Sunday’s stinker of a performance it should be crystal clear as to why Colin Kaepernick lost his starting job in the first place. The San Francisco 49ers were throttled by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a 34-17 beat down, spoiling America’s most recognized militant mulatto. It marks the second straight loss for the team after the aggrieved, cop-hating anti-American multimillionaire returned to the lineup, and in both games he was about as accurate as Blaine freaking Gabbert who may soon be getting his starting job back.

Ever the attention whore, it was all about Kaepernick when he raised eyebrows by wearing a Black Panther party tee shirt to the postgame press conference.

According to Niners Nation “Colin Kaepernick wears Black Panther Party t-shirt to post-game press conference”:

Colin Kaepernick wrapped up his second start this season for the San Francisco 49ers, and decided to go with another statement t-shirt at his post-game press conference. Kaepernick sported a Black Panther Party t-shirt. I’ve got a screenshot of his press conference below, and you can view a slightly better shot from Cam Inman below that.

Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest continues, with Eric Reid and Eli Harold regularly joining him on one knee. The discussion of it has quieted down to some extent, but he continues getting a chance to discuss social issues after games and during mid-week availability. There are nine games left for the 49ers, and while Kaepernick might not start all of them, he will continue taking a knee, and likely continue getting a platform to speak to the many social issues facing the country.

While the attire will further endear him more to his legions of followers, it must rankle team and league officials who are already having to deal with television ratings that are sinking like a rock. While much effort is put into denying that Kaepernick’s animosity towards cops and disrespect to the flag is at fault, it’s not simply the result of unwatchable games (the barnburner of a 6-6 tie between Seattle and Arizona for example) and arbitrary enforcement of the rules. Then there is the allure of match-ups pitting a surly America hating ingrate like Kaepernick against an accused rapist in Bucs star quarterback Jameis Winston, not exactly the finest role models. Score a win for the rapist round one as Winston badly outplayed Kaepernick – the Buccaneers all stood for the national anthem too.

While the shirt was reportedly a gift from his extremist girlfriend – a good piece of tail that some say is responsible for Kap’s shift towards militancy – it was unnecessarily inflammatory to wear it after the game and while the liberal media will be gushing over it, he continues to show that he is a huge headache whose contribution on the field continues to be lacking.