Queen Hillary’s efforts to harvest every remaining piece of low-hanging fruit are intensifying with the election now less than two weeks away. With the Latino television network Univision transforming itself into the Spanish speaking propaganda arm of her campaign, Mrs. Clinton dropped by on Tuesday in order to celebrate her own birthday and schmooze with the hosts. The network is heavily backing the Clinton restoration and the anticipated relaxation of restrictions against amnesty for illegals will be a big motivator when it comes to squeezing the maximum amount of votes out of the crucial demographic.

Hillary appeared on the hit show El Gordo Y La Flaca where she was serenaded with a rendition of Happy Birthday by pop idol Prince Royce and a full mariachi band and given a bottle of tequila as a gift.

The Financial Times reports that “Tequila and sympathy: Clinton courts the Hispanic vote in Florida”:

When a fat man, a thin woman and a dwarf meet to discuss politics in a studio with a bottle of tequila and a Mariachi band playing in the background, you know you are watching the latest episode of the 2016 White House race.

Hillary Clinton sat down with the hosts of El Gordo y La Flaca, a popular Univision show which translates as “The Fat Man & The Thin Lady”, in Miami as part of her final pitch to Latino voters. She entered through a door that was opened by Carlitos el Prodoctor, a dwarf who later taught her some Spanish words and offered her some cookies — which due to secret service concerns she only nibbled — and a bottle of tequila ahead of her 69th birthday on Wednesday.


Asked on the show how she would help Latinos, Mrs Clinton said: “I hope that I would be a good president for everyone in the United States, but I want to pay particular attention to the Latino community to get comprehensive immigration reform finally done with a path to citizenship. As soon as I get into the White House, I am not waiting.”

After being treated to a rendition of “Happy Birthday” by Prince Royce, a Latino singer who is helping to rally Hispanic voters, dancing with the hosts, and receiving a four-tier birthday cake with a White House on top, Mrs Clinton said: “What gets better than this?”

It was yet another one of Hillary’s exercises in cynical and sleazy pandering in order to trick voters into supporting the Democrats who have run a completely idea free campaign while the media has conveniently downplayed her rampant criminality. Clinton will be spending a good amount of time in the all-important state of Florida in the next two weeks as will Trump who is focused on being the president for ALL Americans instead of demographics looking to settle scores and special interests waving fistfuls of money. Wash down that trickery with a big shot of tequila and you have a bullshit burrito El Grande.