Friday’s shocking announcement by FBI Director James Comey that more of Hillary’s emails have been discovered was bad enough news for Democrats. Making matters worse is that those new emails happened to be on a computer belonging to disgraced pervert Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Mrs. Clinton’s lover indispensable aide Huma Abedin.

The new emails were discovered during a federal investigation into the degenerate Weiner’s latest sexting escapade, the final straw that led to Abedin dumping him in order to prevent the scandal from spreading to the Clinton campaign. But alas, it was too little too late and all of the Democrats’ weeping and gnashing of teeth today is akin to crying over spilled milk.

While the establishment hydra works overtime to reconfigure itself over the FBI’s probe, others are having a field day piling onto Weiner. Like the New York Post is doing with Saturday’s epic ‘Dickileaks’ cover:

The Clinton campaign and the entire establishment is now in full damage control mode as weeks of ginned-up sex scandals designed to keep Trump on the defensive up until election day are now rendered moot and the tables have been turned on Hillary who now finds herself in a battle for her political life. With her premature victory lap cut short and the impact of Comey’s announcement yet to be determined we can expect a furious counterattack now that Hillary is bleeding for a wounded animal is a dangerous one.

The raw spectacle of the greatest election season in American history may be drawing to a close but it’s going to be a spectacular finale if Friday is any indication.