Clinton crime syndicate capos are fanning out to hit the Sunday morning bloviation circuit today in an effort to impugn the credibility of FBI Director James Comey. The weekly blabfests serve as the launching pad for the upcoming week’s official propaganda and this week the narrative will be to destroy Comey with extreme prejudice. The Democrats are reeling after Friday’s shocking news that the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails had been brought back from the grave just in time for Halloween.

The tip of the spear in the anti-Comey lynch mob is Hillary’s campaign manager and longtime Democratic party fixer John Podesta who went on CNN to tail against the FBI Director in an effort to tamp down anxiety about Hillary before voters go to the polls next week.

According to CNN “Clinton chairman turns up heat on FBI Director”:

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Podesta complained that the FBI should have investigated enough to know exactly what it was dealing with before announcing the investigation.

“He might have taken the first step of actually having looked at them before he did this in the middle of a presidential campaign, so close to the voting,” Podesta said.

“This is something that has been tossed into the middle of the campaign. We would have preferred that that not happen, but now that it has happened, we would prefer that Mr. Comey come forward and explain why he took that unprecedented step,” Podesta said.

The campaign chairman called Comey’s handling of the matter “inappropriate.”

Podesta asked if, just days from the election, Comey’s revelation is “something you toss on the table, or do you take the time and do what other prosecutors have done in the past and make sure it’s so significant that you have to go forward with it?”

He also said Clinton has learned from her use of a private email server at the State Department.

“I think she obviously would like to take that decision back, but she’s learned from it,” he said.

CNN’s coverage of this endless presidential race has been so consistently biased that it has been tabbed by some as the Clinton News Network with only the Washington Post and New York Times being more openly shilling for Hillary.

The interview was conducted by the network’s top dog Jake Tapper who has been unabashedly in the bag for Hillary and under normal circumstances would have practically given Podesta a handy Andy under the table. But Tapper surprisingly put Podesta on the defensive by rebutting his claim that the FBI hadn’t actually read any of the incriminating emails as well as running a devastating clip of Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine showering Comey with praise as well as becoming adversarial at points.

Tapper’s sudden pivot towards legitimate reporting could spell big trouble for the Clinton restoration and be a signal that the normally reliable media Muppets may now be distancing themselves from what could be an ugly train wreck.

And as for Podesta, the hits just keep on coming as Wikileaks delivered right on schedule with part 23 of the Podesta emails this morning.