The heat has been turned up to high on FBI Director James Comey who earned the collective wrath of the entire establishment with the blockbuster email that the Hillary Clinton email scandal wasn’t going to simply go away. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid accused Comey of being in violation of the Hatch Act and former Justice Department officials – like career fixer Eric Holder – took to the media to blast the Director whose time in his current job is just about over.

Former DNC head Howard Dean has already floated the trial balloon that Comey may be an agent of Vladimir Putin, a narrative that will continue to be echoed by Hillary’s surrogates in the media. It’s already started too with a story planted by the usual anonymous source that Comey discouraged the bureau from accusing Russia of meddling in the elections.

But Comey’s biggest problem is that the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) may have launched an investigation into whether the decision to announce that the feds were sitting on thousands of additional emails that were reportedly sent to the Yahoo account of Hillary’s indispensable aide Huma Abedin was a deliberate attempt to throw the election to Trump and ostensibly Putin.

The Hill is reporting “Comey may be under investigation for Clinton letter”:

A federal agency has likely opened an investigation into whether FBI Director James Comey is interfering in the presidential campaign by disclosing new materials related to the federal probe concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails.

An Office of Special Counsel (OSC) spokesman declined to address whether the office opened an investigation in response to a complaint by Richard Painter, a former White House ethics lawyer. However, a spokesman noted that it generally would.

“It’s OSC’s longstanding policy not to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation,” Nick Schwellenbach said in an email to The Hill.

“In general, OSC opens a case after receiving a complaint.”

On Friday, months after declaring that the bureau had completed its yearlong probe into the private email system Clinton used while secretary of State, Comey told Capitol Hill lawmakers that the FBI had discovered new emails that might be relevant to the case. The news shook the presidential race less than two weeks before Election Day.

If Comey lasts until the end of the week it will be a miracle and calls for his resignation are mounting. If the political pressure results in his being sacked a question on who would replace him as interim Director begs asking. The Deputy Director Andrew McCabe would get thumbs up from Democrats although the matter of his wife having received nearly $675,000 for her Senate race from PACs tied to Clinton crime family intimate and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe could be a sticking point.

The FBI is now being forced to rush through the review of the emails in time to exonerate Mrs. Clinton before the election and the sooner the better because the time lost spent attacking Comey has diverted precious resources away from smearing Donald Trump.

Right now Comey is right up there with Julian Assange on the top of Hillary’s shit list and there will be hell to pay if she slimes her way to victory next Tuesday.

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