You can add Roger Waters to the list of rock and roll geezers seeking attention by blasting Donald Trump. Waters who is a founding member of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd has made dire predictions of a coming dark period of Hitlerian proportions if Trump is elected and has even coined a cute name for it: National Trumpism.

According to Rolling Stone magazine “Roger Waters Compares Donald Trump’s Rise to Adolf Hitler”:

Roger Waters compared Donald Trump’s candidacy to Adolf Hitler’s rise in Germany during an interview on WTF With Marc Maron.

The former Pink Floyd bassist and host Marc Maron spoke throughout the interview about class, inequality and injustice, and towards the end Waters discussed the ways in which fascism can creep into a society: “It was insidious in Germany in the Thirties when National Socialism came. And National Trumpism feels a bit less insidious, but it’s just as dangerous.

He continued: “The method for taking over the state and for it becoming a totalitarian police state, is always the same, and it’s always the identification of ‘the other’ as the enemy. In Trump’s case, it’s the Chinese, the Mexicans, and Islam – it doesn’t matter who it is. With Hitler, it was the Jews, the Communists, the Gypsies, anybody who had a physical deformity, or whatever it might be, the homosexuals – they were all lumped together.”

Waters went on to note that much of contemporary America seems struck by a sense of defeat and economic stagnation, much like Germany was following World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. “What you have in the States now is everybody’s standard of living is falling, like a freefall, and also where the freedoms that are enshrined in your Constitution and in the Bill of Rights are being slowly eroded and taken away from you,” Waters said.

As reported by Breitbart News:

Last month, Waters took direct aim at Trump during a politically-charged performance at the Desert Trip music festival in Indio, California.

While Waters sang lyrics from Pink Floyd’s 1977 hit “Pigs (Three Different Ones).” images of Trump in a KKK hood, holding a Nazi salute, and holding a giant sex toy like a rifle flashed across the screen.

A giant inflatable pig, with the phrases “F*ck Trump and his wall” and “Arrogant, lying, racist, sexist” printed on it were also seen floating above the crowd during the show.

Liberals will surely glom onto Waters’ denunciation of the Donald, especially the comparisons to the little mustachioed kraut because God knows that the Hitler card is very near and dear to their hearts.

Waters has always been a rather odd duck. Haunted by personal demons after he spat on a fan during a 1977 Montreal stadium concert, the singer/bassist withdrew and produced The Wall, the quirky but classic concept album about alienation and mental illness that has become the bands iconic work. But his eccentric personality soon rubbed bandmates the wrong way and the friction along with creative differences led to a split back in the mid-1980’s.

Without Waters the band went on to record a number of albums and give stadium shows until the band retired in 2014. Waters never had much commercial success as a solo artist and has largely relied on tours performing The Wall as well as dabbling in international activism, some of which has led to critics accusing him of anti-Semitism over his criticism of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as support of the BDS movement.

Given the anti-Trump media’s laziness and proclivity of playing fast and loose with history you would think that we would have already reached Peak Hitler but with less than a week to go until the election we just aren’t there yet and the Democrats still need a bogeyman to compare Trump to in order to scare the hell out of voters.

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