Race baiting media gadfly and serial provocateur Shaun King is at it again. The Black Lives Matter mouthpiece and racial animosity pimp has a recent column to weigh in on this season’s tanking NFL ratings and has come to a conclusion that should surprise no one.

According to King NFL ratings are down due to (drumroll please).. RACISM!

Per King’s New York Daily News column “NFL ratings are down because racists despise black men who are truly free”:

It’s why Donald Trump is actually echoing the results of the poll on the campaign trail and publicly singling out Colin Kaepernick as the singular reason for the decline in the NFL ratings. Trump and his team of white supremacists and bigots know that such a mention would actually resonate with their base. Think about it. One study stated that 83% of NFL fans are white and also said that registered Republicans were 21% more likely to be NFL fans than Democrats. In other words, a significant chunk of NFL fans are Donald Trump supporters. The only real demographic he is winning is white men without college degrees.


Conservative white NFL fans love their teams and even feign loving the players on those teams as long as they keep their mouths closed about the civil and human rights of African-Americans. Sixty-nine percent of players in the league are black. A few more percentage points are from other ethnicities of color. Those numbers are likely to increase in the years ahead.

What we have right now is the stark reality that uneducated conservative white men hate few things more in the world than a fully free black man — particularly a decidedly wealthy, physically fit, fully free black man who unashamedly and unabashedly raises his black fist in the air during the “Star-Spangled Banner.” That’s exactly what we have the NFL right now.

Grievance mongers the likes of King have a vested interest in undermining decades of progress when it comes to race relations in America. It happens to be less about principle or defending against actual racism than it is about self-interest and staying employed and relevant to the liberal suckers who buy into such horseshit.

While polls do indicate that fans have been turned off by militant mulatto Colin Kaepernick essentially spitting on the flag with his national anthem protests it’s not as much about race as it is about folks just wanting to keep political statements out of their entertainment. That hard-working Americans want to leave behind the workaday woes of struggling to make ends meet and just enjoying a football game is a concept so alien to the likes of King and his ilk that trying to make that point is akin to casting pearls before swine.

When people tune in they don’t want to be force fed a diet of radical politics which is even more the case when the chief feeder happens to be a surly “oppressed” multi-millionaire scrub whose onfield performance is stuck somewhere between mediocre and putrid. The poor quality of the games themselves also is a contributing factor – last weekend I watched a game in which the Oakland Raiders shattered a record for penalties in a league that is approaching 100 years old and still won due to their bumbling opponents. Not exactly poetry on the turf.

If King’s hypothesis hews astonishingly close to the official Democrat talking points it isn’t a coincidence. With no positive message to offer and the FBI nipping at her heels, Queen Hillary has reverted to form and is spending the final days before the election trying to whip up hysteria among minority voters that the big, bad racist wolf is knocking at the door and is going to blow the house down. There are lots of reasons to cheer for a big Trump victory next Tuesday but the prospect of getting to watch the likes of King going totally batshit ranks near the top of my personal list.

Originally published at Downtrend.com