With Emperor Obama coming out and denouncing his own FBI Director on Wednesday, the blossoming war between the politicized corrupt Justice Department and the preeminent federal law enforcement agency is going hot. The political establishment was rocked when James Comey went rogue last week and threw a monkey wrench into the coronation of Queen Hillary with a letter to Congress indicating that the probe into Mrs. Clinton’s emails wasn’t a done deal. The Democrats and their winged monkeys in the media have been frantically working to destroy him ever since.

But news is seeping out that patriotic law enforcement professionals within the FBI have been working on an investigation into the criminal enterprise that is the Clinton Foundation that appears to be massive in scope. According to a Wall Street Journal report, mounting frustration over the Loretta Lynch led Justice Department’s opposition to the probe into crooked Bill and Hillary’s pay-for-play scams was what finally led to the tension boiling over and threatening to swamp Hillary’s bid for the White House.

According to the Wall Street Journal story “Secret Recordings Fueled FBI Feud in Clinton Probe”:

Secret recordings of a suspect talking about the Clinton Foundation fueled an internal battle between FBI agents who wanted to pursue the case and corruption prosecutors who viewed the statements as worthless hearsay, people familiar with the matter said.

The roots of the dispute lie in a disagreement over the strength of the case, these people said, which broadly centered on whether Clinton Foundation contributors received favorable treatment from the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

Senior officials in the Justice Department and the FBI didn’t think much of the evidence, while investigators believed they had promising leads their bosses wouldn’t let them pursue, they said.


As 2015 came to a close, the FBI and Justice Department had a general understanding that neither side would take major action on Clinton Foundation matters without meeting and discussing it first. In February, a meeting was held in Washington among FBI officials, public-integrity prosecutors and Leslie Caldwell, the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division. Prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York—Mr. Capers’ office—didn’t attend, these people said.

The public-integrity prosecutors weren’t impressed with the FBI presentation, people familiar with the discussion said. “The message was, ‘We’re done here,’ ” a person familiar with the matter said.

Justice Department officials became increasingly frustrated that the agents seemed to be disregarding or disobeying their instructions.

Following the February meeting, officials at Justice Department headquarters sent a message to all the offices involved to “stand down,’’ a person familiar with the matter said.

The FBI had secretly recorded conversations of a suspect in a public-corruption case talking about alleged deals the Clintons made, these people said. The agents listening to the recordings couldn’t tell from the conversations if what the suspect was describing was accurate, but it was, they thought, worth checking out.

If this is indeed the case then you can add obstruction of justice to the list of crimes against the republic committed by Obama during his torturous eight-year reign of terror.

However, despite Obama’s meddling there are reports that a federal indictment is expected by year end.

The Hill is reporting “Report: Indictment ‘likely’ in FBI’s Clinton Foundation probe”:

Two sources within FBI told Fox News on Wednesday that the investigation of the Clinton Foundation is likely to lead to an indictment.

Fox News’ Bret Baier said Wednesday that the FBI probe into a possible pay-to-play scheme between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation has been going on for over a year.

Sources told the news network that the investigation, which is conducted by the White Collar Crime division of the FBI, is a “very high priority.”

One source further stated that the bureau collected “a lot of” evidence, adding that “there is an avalanche of new information coming every day.”

Baier also said that the Clinton Foundation probe is more expansive than previously thought, and that many individuals have been interviewed several times throughout the course of the investigation.

Sources said that they are “actively and aggressively pursuing this case” and that investigations are likely to continue.

If the indictment has the name Hillary Rodham-Clinton written on it then we are headed towards a very serious constitutional crisis as the rotten establishment will double down, dig in and circle the wagons in order to protect one of it’s own.

Only five more shopping days until election day.

Originally published at Downtrend.com.