Acting as though he was running for Vice President of Mexico instead of the United States of America, Tim Kaine gave an entire speech in Spanish. If there was any doubt remaining that the Democrats have given up on appealing to white working voters Senator Kaine just removed it. The speech was the first of it’s kind and set a new low in identity group pandering for the Clinton campaign which is as devoid of shame as it is of morality.

Instead of spending the finale weekend of the campaign reaching out to ALL Americans as Donald Trump is doing, Team Hillary is content to pit them against each other and further inflame the dismal state of race relations in order to leave Trump with angry mobs who will be enticed to riot, burn and pillage if he wins the election on Tuesday.

As reported by CNN “Kaine makes pitch to Latino voters — in Spanish”:

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine made his case to Latino voters Thursday, asking them to vote for his presidential ticket with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — in Spanish.

While speaking at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, Kaine said Republican nominee Donald Trump is “someone who thinks ‘Latino outreach’ means tweeting out a picture of a taco bowl.”

Kaine slammed the real estate mogul for saying Mexicans are criminals and rapists, calling Alicia Machado “Miss Housekeeping” when she won the 1996 Miss Universe pageant and for suggesting Indiana-born US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel was biased in overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University because he is “Mexican.”

“In the first weeks of his campaign, Donald Trump said that immigrants from Mexico are drug dealers, rapists, murderers,” Kaine said in Spanish. “In the last debate, Trump referred to them as ‘bad hombres.’ … He insists that ‘This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.’ He doesn’t understand that multilingual and bilingual families contribute to the diversity that makes our nation strong.”

It was pure blood-dripping red meat served up in a piping hot tortilla with a dollop of jalapeño laced bullshit and the audience loved it.

The speech was also a rousing call to action for those seeking an institutionalizing of amnesty for millions of social service suckling, wage depressing illegal aliens. Hillary has vowed to make amnesty a top priority as a reward for voting Democrat and Kaine’s Arizona address is mariachi music to the ears of millions who will reward them for generations to come.

Whether it is enough to offset the less than overwhelming support from blacks remains to be seen.

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