With Donald Trump now closing the gap in even the admittedly rigged polls, the Democrats are about to get a lesson in what happens when they put their eggs all in one rotten basket. A Hillary loss on Tuesday would deal a catastrophic blow to globalists and the neocon parasites who have fled the GOP to affix themselves to Mrs. Clinton but the ones who stand to lose the most are the Never Trumpers.

The Mitt Romney-William Kristol-Erick Erickson axis of bullshit is about to be given a lesson in loyalty that they will never forget and could find themselves voted off of the island despite their best efforts to sabotage Trump’s campaign.

Even the Washington Post is copping to the truth that the R.A.T.’s are totally fucked if Trump wins.

According to WAPO (War And Propaganda Orifice)  “The NeverTrump movement is facing a nightmare scenario”:

They assured each other he had no real shot of winning the presidency. They said he would be an embarrassment to the Republican Party and drag down the rest of the party with him, both in 2016 and for years to come.

To be sure, many arguments of the so-called “NeverTrump” movement in the Republican Party were based on mere principle. But some were more political pleas — that he was bad for the party, electorally speaking, and that Trump-inspired doom lay ahead.

It hasn’t happened — at least, it hadn’t as of the race’s final week. Trump appears to be within shouting distance of winning the presidency, and the Republican base is as united in voting for him (87 percent of them are behind him) as Democrats are in voting for Hillary Clinton (also 87 percent), according to Friday’s Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll.

In other words: It looks like the NeverTrumpers are leading a movement without a real base. And no matter what happens on Tuesday, they’ll have a mess to clean up.

If Trump wins, they’ll have run afoul of the new leader of the free world (not to mention their party) — a man who loves to hold a grudge. They will be faced with either trying to make amends or continuing to hold out, believing Trump will be a disaster as president — even as a plurality of the country will have given him their go-ahead.

And if Trump loses, it could be narrow enough that they will be blamed — incessantly — for not getting behind their party’s nominee, allegedly costing him the presidency. It’s true that about 40-50 percent of the GOP is supporting Trump pretty halfheartedly — mostly just because he’s not Clinton — but that leaves the other half-plus that is very pro-Trump and liable to harbor plenty of hard feelings if it looks like he was this close to the presidency, and members of his own party kept him from the Oval Office.

Indeed it will be a day of reckoning for Romney and his ilk because as it stands now, the Trump movement is NOT going away anytime soon if he gets cheated out of the presidency. The pitchforks and torches may be looking for payback against the disloyal traitors who have worked diligently to sabotage Trump and there will be hell to pay if the Clintons return to the White House in January.

Hey, any movement that touts Bill Kristol as it’s driving ideological force is doomed, it was after all Kristol and fellow neocon Robert Kagan (He’s with her) whose Project for the New American Century (PNAC) who were the biggest cheerleaders for invading Iraq. Now they are looking to double-down on that blood-soaked clusterfuck by being at the tip of the spear for Hillary’s enforcement of the no-fly-zone in Syria. Kristol and Kagan would fuck up a two car funeral and yet they STILL are given credibility from the key drivers of American foreign policy.

I’ve always said that the best way to destroy the neocons once and for all was to get them all onboard Hillary’s ship and then sink it and that will be exactly their fate if Trump prevails.

Either way, Kristol is going to finally face the consequences and he’ll have plenty of company from the rest of the Never Trumpers.