Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been as responsible for the rise of the militant jihadist head choppers of ISIS as anyone so it’s only fitting that they would want to return the favor. ISIS is allegedly calling for attacks on Americans on election day, a very convenient way to keep turnout down and shave points in favor of Mrs. Clinton.

According to the anti-terrorism outfit the SITE Intelligence Group:

ISIS will have to take a number and stand in line because anonymous sources within the bowels of the Obama administration have already sounded the alarm over alleged al Qaeda threats in three states critical to Mrs. Clinton’s hopes: New York, Texas and Virginia. Then there are always the nefarious “Russians” who serve as a convenient bogeyman to be invoked whenever the Democrats want to distract public attention from the contents of damning emails released by Wikileaks or cast a pall of suspicion over the FBI’s renewed interest into Hillary’s emails.

The triple-pronged threat will provide the perfect excuse for the Department of Homeland Security to intervene in the election if necessary in order to protect the “critical infrastructure” of the voting machines.

Considering that the same Middle Eastern regimes that fund ISIS are also plowing money into the Clinton Foundation – at least according to Julian Assange – it’s only natural that they would want to take care of their greatest U.S. political ally.

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