Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad is a bullet aimed directly at the heart of the corrupt establishment. The two-minute spot called “Argument for America” is a damning indictment of not only the Clinton crime syndicate but of the corrupt establishment itself.

With excerpts from Trump’s epic speech against the globalist world order set against images of Clinton corruption, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, George Soros and the European Union the spot makes the necessary linkage to the criminal gang of anti-American interests that have hijacked the country and ties it all together in one big package wrapped with a red, white and blue ribbon.

Set to air over the weekend during NFL, NCAA and NASCAR events the ad could further bolster Tuesday turnout for Trump therefore making it more difficult to rig the election.

Check it out here:

There is really no way that Clinton and her globalist backers can possibly respond to this haymaker that could put Hillary down for the count. She’s too busy traversing battleground states trying to hoodwink blacks into showing up on Tuesday and spewing paranoid conspiracy theories about why everyone is out to get her anyway.

The Trump revolution has elicited a wide range of emotions from the elite but this ad should really strike fear into their hearts as the pitchforks and torches will soon be in sight directly outside of their windows.

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