In one of the stranger developments of this most bizarre of American elections, the liberal lynch mob has just been transformed into an adoring fan club for FBI Director James Comey. The shape-shifting Comey bamboozled the political world once again when he unexpectedly flip-flopped on the bureau’s renewed interest in Hillary Clinton’s emails late Sunday afternoon, sending Clinton supporters into jubilation at what can only be described as a miracle.

The entire liberal establishment had been squealing like stuck pigs all week long in demanding Comey’s head on a pike and practically accusing him of being a puppet of Vladimir Putin and as late as Sunday morning, were planning Soviet style tribunals for the “rogue” FBI. Then, late this afternoon came the bombshell that sent liberals into a state of orgasmic bliss as the feckless bureaucrat flip-flopped again.

This humble blogger’s quick trip to several political website comments sections late Sunday afternoon found Hillary’s troll army feeling their oats and gloating over the lightning fast review of over 600,000 emails that allowed Hillary to wriggle off the hook – again.

The official cover story now seems to be that all of the emails are duplicates which contradicts reports of only a few days ago.

According to an NBC News report “FBI Completes Review of Newly Revealed Hillary Clinton Emails, Finds No Evidence of Criminality”:

The investigative team had “been working around the clock to process and review” emails found on former New York congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop — using a program that targeted only the emails to and from Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, within the time when Clinton was secretary of state.

In a statement, a Justice Department spokesman said, “The Department of Justice and the FBI dedicated all necessary resources to conduct this review expeditiously.”


A senior law enforcement official confirmed to NBC News that nearly all of the thousands of newly examined emails on Weiner’s laptop were duplicates of emails already seen by the team investigating Clinton’s server. Although some emails did forward documents previously identified as containing classified information, the review didn’t change the total number of classified documents investigators found on the server.

The “senior law enforcement official” was yet another anonymous source for the crooked media and details on the computer “program” that spared actual FBI agents thousands of hours of actually reviewing the emails weren’t divulged.

If Comey has proven anything it’s that he is as slippery as a greased hamster at Bohemian Grove and has intervened to influence the election and allow a notorious criminal and psychopath to exploit systemic corruption to get to within days of winning the presidency.

Mrs. Clinton didn’t bother to mention Comey’s shocker during this afternoon’s stem-winder in Cleveland where she shared a stage with NBA superstar LeBron James. It was a marked departure from the often incendiary rhetoric that she has used to rile up the crowds this past week when she railed against the FBI as if they were enemies of the republic.

The Washington Post and New York Times will likely do an about face in Monday’s editions and sing the praises of Comey as an honorable man but this one really bears an overwhelming odor of a certain rodent.

Now America waits to see if Wikileaks has one more card to play.

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