In a sequel that could be named “The Return of the Wrath of Khan”, the angry little Muslim who became a media superstar at the Democrat convention is back. Shady immigration lawyer and Democratic party operative Khizr Khan riled up the crowd when he introduced Hillary Clinton at a pep rally in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Now that the FBI investigation into those damn emails is in her rear view mirror, Clinton can close her campaign with what she does best – exploiting racial and social divisions for political gain. But most importantly, Democrats have to demonize Trump and his supporters to the extent that it will be accepted when her thugs resort to violence if the election doesn’t go the right way.

As reported by CNN “Khizr Khan: ‘Thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn’t your America'”:

Hillary Clinton cast the 2016 election as a “moment of reckoning” for the United States at an event in New Hampshire with Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father whose public fight with Donald Trump over the summer became a flashpoint in the presidential race.

Khan, whose speech was so well received by the audience it seemingly took him aback, challenged Trump throughout his remarks, culminating in a flurry of questions about who would “have a place” in Trump’s America.

“So today, I have a few questions for Donald Trump. Donald Trump, would my son have a place in your America?” asked Khan, a Muslim. “Would Muslims have a place in your America? Would Latinos have a place in your America? Would African-Americans have a place in your America, Donald Trump?”

He continued: “Would anyone who isn’t you have a place in your America? Well, thankfully, Mr. Trump, this isn’t your America.”

The media absolutely bludgeoned Trump after Khan and his silent but glaring wife appeared on the big stage in Philly. Khan’s shtick of waving a pocket Constitution made the front page of every major newspaper in America as he became a symbol of the anti-Trump opposition.

Never mind that Khan lost his son in a war that Hillary supported and that her election will create legions of new Gold Star parents once she orders troops into Syria, he’s with her.

Hillary’s choice of company over the final weekend speaks volumes. From foul mouthed rappers to NBA millionaires to the cop-hating diva Beyoncé and now Khan, it’s all about pitting Americans against each other. Such a foul strategy reeks of fascism as much as her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” which she might as well have stolen from Benito Mussolini himself. It is outrageous and should be disqualifying but most of all it is dangerous.

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