It is a very cold morning as the sun rose on Wednesday November 9, 2016 and it will be a historic day of reckoning for a Democratic party that had just suffered an electoral bloodbath as savage as a Rob Zombie slasher flick. In a shocking revolt against the ruling oligarchy and the political whores that serve it, Donald J. Trump was able to overcome months of withering assault from the media and Democrats to win the most important election in American history.

Not only did Trump win the presidency by dominating in Rust Belt states that the Dems had taken for granted but the Republican party retained control of Congress. The latter was a particularly crushing blow to Democrats who only two weeks ago were boasting about sweeping both chambers and providing a legislative bludgeon to Hillary Clinton that could be used to destroy all political opposition and radically transform the nation.

Democrats now face an uncertain future after going all-in with the Clintons and alienating a majority of Americans who they accused as being racists and agents of a foreign nemesis – it’s hard to see the party ever regaining those votes, especially those of the Bernie Sanders supporters who Queen Hillary sneered at. The blue jackass party had crowed about the civil war within the GOP over Trump but today it is they who are facing an existential crisis, a loss of all credibility and no leaders capable of filling into the void.

The Hill reports “Stunned Dems wonder what went wrong”:

Shell-shocked Democrats are wrestling with the reality of an election that they fully expected to win, trying to figure out what went wrong.

They are already pointing to a wide range of factors — the FBI investigation, third party voters, the media, and the weakness of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy — to make sense of a crushing defeat.

“People have talked about a miracle, I’m hearing about a nightmare. It’s hard to be a parent tonight for all of us,” Van Jones, President Obama’s former “Green Jobs” advisor, said early Wednesday morning on CNN as it became apparent Donald Trump would win the White House.

“You tell your kids not to be a bully, you tell your kids not to be a bigot. You tell your kids to do your homework and be prepared. Then you have this outcome and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they are afraid for breakfast.”

The Associated Press called the race for Trump at about 2:30 a.m. after projecting the GOP candidate to win Wisconsin, a state that a Republican presidential nominee hadn’t won since 1988.

While most Democrats caution that the party will need to wait until the dust settles to diagnose what went wrong, some pointed the blame at FBI Director James Comey. He shocked the political world less than two weeks before the election by disclosing that the FBI had found emails potentially relevant to the agency’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

While the FBI announced on Sunday that none of the emails ended up being relevant to the case, some Democrats believe the damage was done.

“Everyone kept saying Republican women were going to pull for Hillary, and clearly they did not. Part of me wonders — what was the Comey effect?” Maria Teresa Kumar, the president of the liberal-leaning Hispanic group Voto Latino, said early Wednesday on MSNBC.

Trump’s prediction about overwhelming turnout from rural white voters came true, carrying him to victory with huge margins in Republican-leaning states. Clinton’s path to victory completely collapsed, raising questions about her strategy.

“There is an earthquake going on, that’s like saying it’s the washing machine,” said Paul Begala, an advisor to the pro-Clinton super-PAC Priorities USA, about blaming Comey for Clinton’s defeat.

Batshit crazy House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi aka the Weasel Queen blamed the loss of the House on FBI Director Comey but would be better served by taking a good look at the mirror as to understand the root cause of Tuesday’s rout. Most importantly, the failure to retake the Senate has spared America from the reign of New York’s Charles Schumer who despite winning reelection to his fourth six-year term last night, lost the coveted position of Big Kahuna in a Democrat controlled Senate. No wonder Wall Street futures are down today.

The drubbing was so much a rejection that one has to wonder whether the party will splinter into warring factions that will ensure a permanent minority status.

But they should have known better, as this humble blogger wrote two years ago:

If Queen Hillary the Inevitable gets rejected by the electorate in her quixotic quest for power. If Mrs. Clinton goes down she is going to take the entire party down with her and there is no Plan B for the immediate future.

Which turned out to be prophetic and which is a damned good thing for America. There will be plenty of bleary eyed Democrats this morning, they went to bed crying softly into their pillows last night and awoke to their ultimate nightmare.

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