In a devastating blow to the corrupt establishment, Donald J. Trump has won the presidency of the United States. Trump’s victory shocked the world and suicide hotlines will be overwhelmed with previously smug liberals who had been predicting a landslide win for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The count dragged on into the wee hours of Wednesday morning as several key states delayed results in what suspiciously looked like an effort to find a way to rig the game for Hillary but alas, voter turnout and anger at the political elite snuffed out any chance of springing the fix.

The mood was funereal in many bastions of anti-Trump sentiment including the Washington Post.

The WAPO Editorial Board writes “President Trump”:

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday. Those are words we hoped never to write. But Mr. Trump shocked the pollsters, riding a wave propelled in part by rural and Rust Belt voters who felt the political establishment had cast them aside. While Mr. Trump might not have done the same for his rival, Hillary Clinton, had she won, all Americans must accept the voters’ judgment, and work for the best possible outcome for our country and the world.


We can’t pretend to optimism that Mr. Trump will suddenly shape more rational responses to these problems than he offered on the campaign trail, nor that he will discover a discipline or wisdom he has yet to display. Over the course of his campaign, Mr. Trump spoke about jailing Ms. Clinton, suing women who accused him of unwanted sexual advances, neutering the speaker of the House and revoking press freedoms. Per the Times article, he has spoken of creating a super PAC dedicated to political vengeance. He has promised to deport millions, rip up trade agreements, apply religious tests and sabotage international efforts to fight climate change, each of which would hurt many people.


If he attempts to act on these goals and inclinations, others must rally to the defense of constitutional principles and sound government. Republican leaders in Congress endorsed Mr. Trump on the bet that he would back their legislative agenda and respect their authority. They will be put to the test. Law enforcement agencies must guard against any attempt to use them unlawfully. The judiciary, the civil service, the media and civil society more broadly will have important roles to play.

The piece is an early indication that some will work to undermine the new leader in every way.

But the Post wasn’t about to give up the ghost and suddenly call for supporting Trump and resistance will be widespread and possibly violent. But the American people have spoken and they have issued a repudiation of the politics of racial divisiveness as practiced by Mrs. Clinton as well as her malodorous record of wanton corruption and criminality.

It is still possible that the results may be reversed if Emperor Obama’s Homeland Security Gestapo claims to have found evidence of “Russian” interference but doing so would lead to widespread civil unrest. But on a day when the Trump revolution seized control of the palace, anything is possible.

For now, liberals will be left to ponder what might have been if they hadn’t put all of their eggs in one historically rotten basket.

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