As the smoke begins to dissipate after Donald Trump bombed the Democrats back to the Stone Age it’s hard to see how the blue jackass party will regroup anytime soon. With the Clintons now thoroughly routed and in full retreat the rats are jockeying for position for a perch atop the smoldering rubble.

The Dems are on the precipice of the pits of Hell with the sorry remnants of Commie Bernie Sanders’ movement ready to throw down with the rump DNC led by deposed CNN debate cheater Donna Brazile. Senator Sanders, a dime-store Eugene V. Debs who fancies himself as the Lone Ranger with the trusty fake Indian Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren at his side, looks to become the grizzled face of anti-Trump opposition as the shattered party looks to but Tuesday’s historical ass-whipping behind them.

Despite an early expression of willingness to work with President Trump on “economic” issues, Sanders quickly reverted to form by going right back to the identity politics that cost Queen Hillary her crown:

And this one is particularly amusing considering how Sanders betrayed his followers and turned into a shill for the now vanquished whore of Wall Street:

Bernie’s rhetoric shows that you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Shrieking Princess Moonbat aka Senator Warren staked out her ground in a post-election speech pandering to the lowest common denominator as she channeled Hillary in railing against Trump.

The Guardian reports “Elizabeth Warren calls on progressives to ‘stand up to bigotry’”:

Elizabeth Warren issued a call to arms for progressives to “stand up to bigotry” in the upcoming Trump administration, placing herself as an unofficial leader of the opposition.

Speaking shortly after Trump entered the White House to meet Barack Obama, the Massachusetts senator told a union audience in Washington DC she was ready for the fight.

“As the loyal opposition we will fight harder, we will fight longer and we will fight more passionately than ever for the rights of every human being in this country to be treated with respect and dignity,” she said, according to prepared remarks.

“We will fight for economic opportunity, not just for some of our children, but for all of our children. We do not control the tools of government, but make no mistake, we know what we stand for, the sun will keep rising, and we will keep fighting – each day, every day, we will fight for the people of this country,” said Warren.


But although she is willing to work with him on the economy, she’s positioning herself as his fiercest critic on social issues.

“And that marks Democrats’ first job in this new era: we will stand up to bigotry. There is no compromise here. In all its forms, we will fight back against attacks on Latinos, African Americans, women, Muslims, immigrants, disabled Americans – on anyone. Whether Donald Trump sits in a glass tower or sits in the White House, we will not give an inch on this, not now, not ever,” she said.

One big problem though is that both Sanders and Warren are batshit crazy loons whose bizarre behavior while acting as Hillary’s surrogates better qualities them to be running a wing at a mental institution than one of America’s major political parties. But perhaps that’s overly harsh, if anything the Democratic party has become a not so happy home to a sordid assortment of drooling, bed-wetting cranks and full blown freaks so the dynamic duo could be a perfect choice to lead the lemmings off into the political wilderness for the next several decades.

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