The fallout from Queen Hillary’s shocking loss in Tuesday’s election is beginning to reverberate as the reality begins to seep in. There was always going to be trouble given the amount of racial animosity that was fomented by Democrats and there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the aftermath of president-elect Donald Trump’s yuuuge win.

Whining race-baiter Shaun King couldn’t keep his trap shut for even a day before railing against what he sees as a country of racists.

In his first New York Daily News post-election column entitled “The Bigoted States of America have the chief they want — President Donald Trump”‘, King writes:

From the moment he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump ran a campaign of white supremacy and white pride. In fact, his true entry into presidential politics predated his bigoted, anti-immigrant announcement speech that he delivered in the summer of 2015. Instead, it was his attack on the very humanity of President Obama that signaled to the worst elements of our country that Donald Trump was a bigot with a very low bar for what he was willing to say or do to attack people of color.

Without a single shred of evidence, Trump insisted President Obama was not an American citizen, but was born in Kenya or somewhere else other than the United States. Even if Obama’s mother, who was an American citizen, gave birth to him in a foreign country, which she didn’t, her son would still be an American citizen. None of this mattered to Trump or his growing base of bigots. All that mattered was that they now had a spokesperson who would openly and repeatedly question the very legitimacy of the Obama presidency.


Endorsed by the KKK, favored by David Duke, beloved by neo-Nazis and white supremacist publications everywhere, Trump resonated so much with white America that they elected him President of the United States.

Yes, Hillary was flawed, but no candidate was more flawed than Trump. He was simply willing to appeal to the very worst instincts of our country and it worked. I have long since believed that the United States is deeply racist at its core. This election has confirmed it.

In a nutshell: Democrats ran the worst candidate in American history and when the unhinged, corrupt, lying, criminal warmongering psychopath was rejected by voters it’s because of racism. Total horseshit but a standard response from a vile white-hating bigot like King.

The anger exhibited in the early hours after the voters delivered a thumbs down verdict to the Obamas, the Clintons and liberalism in general is a sign of the anarchy to come. A civil war was practically baked into the cake by the Democrats and their Black Lives Matter goons as a reaction if Trump won. These people were never going to accept the results of an election that was at least partially a referendum on their special snowflake status and if mayhem results then provocateurs like King should be held accountable for inciting riots.

If King wants to blame anyone for the Clinton restoration’s abortion he should start with the black voters who didn’t show up at the polls. Millions of people of color saw through Clinton’s phoniness and failed to drink the snake oil peddled by racist carnival barkers the likes of Mr. King.

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