Coordinated anti-Trump protests are spreading like a cancer after Hillary Clinton was given the big thumbs down by voters on Tuesday. Unwilling to accept the results of an election, the liberal mobs and Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists are taking their temper tantrum to the streets in an effort to overturn the results. The latest front in the post-election war on Trump is in sunny South Florida where Hillary’s fifth column shut down Miami highways on Friday night.

Miami NBC affiliate NBC 6 reports “Thousands of Anti-Trump Protesters March in Downtown Miami, Halt Traffic on Highways”:

Thousands of protesters angry over the election of Donald Trump as the next President marched through the streets of Downtown Miami and halted traffic on two major highways Friday night.

Protesters arrived shortly before 6 p.m. for the demonstration at Bayfront Park. Many were holding signs and some were heard chanting “not my president” and “Donald Trump has got to go, hey hey, ho ho” outside the park.

“He’s anti-Muslim, anti-black, anti-woman, anti-gay, and I just want him to know that this country did not vote for him, Hillary got more votes,” protester Khari Brusch said. “We’re gonna hold his feet to the fire, show him the same respect the GOP showed Obama for eight years.”

The protesters then began marching north on Biscayne Boulevard, blocking most of the traffic lanes. They marched up to I-395 and shut down traffic on the highway before making their way back toward the park.

The group kept marching and got onto Interstate 95 northbound, closing the freeway. The Florida Highway Patrol also closed off the southbound lanes at Exit 1B.

The march then headed back to 395 in the eastbound lanes heading toward Miami Beach. The protesters exited at Biscayne Boulevard and made their way back toward Bayfront Park.

Miami Police estimated around three thousand people were part of the protest.

One woman brought her kids to the protest, saying she wanted it to be peaceful.

“We’re very unhappy, I recently became a resident, I was unable to vote, I’m here to voice my opinion about what I believe,” she said. “I don’t believe that Trump is president material, he’s done so many things that are just harmful to all of us, I don’t believe in what he stand for, he stand for hate, I just can’t understand how this happened.”

This ongoing anarchy is an assault on the republic and an orchestrated effort to overthrow a legitimately elected president that smacks of the sort of “color revolutions” that certain elements within the U.S. power structure typically use to target non-compliant foreign leaders. That being said, it should come as no shock that the fingerprints of globalist arch-villain George Soros are all over this grotesque perversion of democracy.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen via Strategic Culture was quick to point out that  “The Clintons and Soros launch America’s Purple Revolution”:

Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is not about to «go quietly into that good night». On the morning after her surprising and unanticipated defeat at the hands of Republican Party upstart Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ball room of the art-deco New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan and were both adorned in purple attire. The press immediately noticed the color and asked what it represented. Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic «Blue America» and Republican «Red America» into a united purple blend. This statement was a complete ruse as is known by citizens of countries targeted in the past by the vile political operations of international hedge fund tycoon George Soros.

The Clintons, who both have received millions of dollars in campaign contributions and Clinton Foundation donations from Soros, were, in fact, helping to launch Soros’s «Purple Revolution» in America. The Purple Revolution will resist all efforts by the Trump administration to push back against the globalist policies of the Clintons and soon-to-be ex-President Barack Obama. The Purple Revolution will also seek to make the Trump administration a short one through Soros-style street protests and political disruption.

Democratic party front groups (likely funded by Soros money) like are actively encouraging anti-Trumpers to take to the streets in order to subvert the will of the people. With the anti-Trump media now shifting into undermining the new president and promoting street violence we are about to enter a new phase as the corrupt establishment isn’t about to just go quietly into the good night.

The unrest could be ended quickly if outgoing Emperor Barack Obama or the defeated but by no means out of the game Hillary Clinton were to condemn the rabble but they won’t. Law enforcement is going to have to act to restore order at some point and when that time arrives they should do so by using a massive show of force including breaking out the fire hoses and water cannons to wash this scum back into the sewers where it belongs.

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