As the cruel reality that Donald Trump has been elected president continues to drive liberals to despair (and organized thuggery) the world’s biggest loser has surfaced. Having somewhat composed herself after days of temper tantrums and crying jags, Hillary Clinton has slimed out of her safe space and blamed FBI Director James Comey for her stillborn coronation. The refusal to accept responsibility for her own failings is the act of a vain and arrogant woman and offers further proof that she has always been devoid of the character necessary to lead the nation.

The Hill reports “Clinton blames loss on FBI director’s letter”:

Hillary Clinton blamed her electoral defeat on FBI Director James Comey in a call with her top donors on Saturday, offering her most extensive comments yet following her loss to Donald Trump.

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Clinton said, according to The New York Times. “[O]ur analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

Clinton said that her poll numbers recovered from a plunge following the first letter from Comey, which came 11 days before the election and informed Congress that the FBI had renewed its interest in the investigation after they found emails related to the probe.

However, she argued the second letter sent just two days before the election saying that a review of newly discovered emails found nothing to alter the decision to not recommend charges over the mishandling of classified information aroused Trump’s supporters.

“We were once again up in all but two of the battleground states, and we were up considerably in some that we ended up losing,” Clinton said, according to the Times report. “And we were feeling like we had to put it back together.”

Clinton’s comments come just days after her top campaign aides also pinned blame for the loss on the FBI director in another call.

On that call with donors on Thursday, campaign chairman John Podesta said that Comey is the one “who we think may have cost us the election.”

Granted that the Comey letter was damaging but it wasn’t the reason why voters bitch slapped Mrs. Clinton. The blame belongs with Team Hillary itself and the repulsive nature of the most cynical, angry and divisive campaign in the history of American presidential politics. Hillary managed to dodge any discussion of actual issues and focused her energy on race baiting, conspiracy mongering and rank demagoguery and it all came around to bite her in the ass on the most important day of her life.

It’s not that Clinton went negative but rather never even bothered to articulate a positive vision for America as a whole. So effective were her lies and spewing of hatred that her brain dead minions are currently rioting in the streets and demanding that the election results be overturned or at the very least, the Electoral College realize that there was a mistake and give the presidency back to Queen Hillary.

Clinton got creamed because she chose to tell the white working class to go to hell and paid dearly for that miscalculation in the Rust Belt which became the killing fields for her White House hopes. Instead of spending the last weekend appealing to voters in economically decimated areas of Ohio, Hillary chose to pander to blacks by appearing with foul-mouthed rappers, cop-hating divas and multimillionaire celebrity basketball players. That worked out really well for her didn’t it?

Her organization was led by an all-star team of screw-ups and clowns who set new standards for incompetence. Campaign manager John Podesta bumbled into a phishing trap and then watched in horror as over 50,000 of his emails were published by Wikileaks in the month before the election. The collusion between the campaign and her stooge infested DNC was also laid bare when internal emails detailing political skullduggery and primary rigging against Bernie Sanders were also released. Rather than mitigate the damage by profusely apologizing to the public, Democrats quickly blamed it all on the Russians.

Then there was boy wonder Robbie Mook who pushed the red-baiting in the stretch run, going on the Sunday morning bloviation circuit to allege that Trump was a Kremlin puppet. This was a meme that Clinton herself pushed and actually accused her opponent of during the third debate. Mook’s foray into the past was so sleazy that one liberal writer called him out as a “millennial Roy Cohn” but the smears of Trump and his supporters as Putin’s fifth column never resonated with voters. Nor did her big “alt-right” speech seeking to marginalize conservatives and Trump supporters as neo-Nazis and her doubling down on that failure by calling out millions of Americans as a “basket of deplorables” served as a rallying cry for the anti-Clinton opposition.

The list of blunders is endless but it bears noting that the FBI wouldn’t be involved at all if not for Clinton’s choice to use a private email server. So Hillary, if you want to see who is really to blame just go and look in the mirror. She could engage in some soul searching but that would be an exercise in futility because she doesn’t have one.

So FBI Director Comey may have done some damage to the Clinton criminal empire but the majority was wholly self-inflated by a campaign that more than made up for a lack of substance with an abundance of arrogance.

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