Donald Trump’s election win has driven many liberals to despair but some are looking to use the new president-elect as a springboard to revive their flagging careers. The smarmy dope smoking deviate Bill Maher has extended an invitation to Trump to appear before his audience of clapping and barking seals after spending months vilifying the new POTUS. Don’t look for Trump to take the sacrilegious scumbubble up on his offer anytime soon. Another loudmouthed liberal seeking to get attention is gadfly and filmmaker Michael Moore. The elephantine Moore wasted no time in waddling into the lobby of Trump Tower with film crew in tow to meet with Trump and to call him to step down because he “lost” the election.

Moore has made his career with such impromptu visits including when he ambushed an aging Charlton Heston in his home to harangue him over gun violence for his movie “Bowling for Columbine”, an encounter that allegedly sparked Clint Eastwood to threaten to shoot the director’s fat ass if he ever tried anything similar with him. Moore was rebuffed in his attempt to visit with soon to be President Trump and escorted out of the building only to join with the crybabies protesting the election results in the streets outside.

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer “Michael Moore visits Trump Tower to deliver a note: ‘You lost. Step aside.’”:

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore met with protesters Saturday afternoon at Trump Tower in Manhattan, saying he wanted to talk with President-elect Donald Trump. And he made it all the way to the fourth floor before Secret Service agents turned him away.

Moore said later that he left a note that agents told him they would deliver to Trump.

“You lost,” Moore said the note read. “Step aside.”

The liberal activist and outspoken critic of Trump was one of the few to predict Trump would win the election. A few weeks before Election Day, the filmmaker released “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” a hastily produced pro-Hillary Clinton monologue that was vehemently critical of the Republican presidential nominee.

A Trump victory, Moore shouted in the film, would be “the biggest f— you ever recorded in human history.”

On Saturday afternoon, he arrived at Trump Tower with a camera crew behind him and a smartphone in hand, and broadcast his visit using Facebook Live.

“I just thought I’d see if I could get into Trump Tower and ride the famous escalator,” Moore said to a bystander who asked what he was doing there. Maybe, he added, Trump would talk to him.

Moore wore a San Francisco 49ers baseball cap and a dark sweater with a safety pin attached to the front, meant to signal that he was an ally to minorities, he explained later. Moore’s entrance into the lobby around 1:10 p.m. caused “a stir,” according to a pool report, and he was trailed by several reporters and photographers.

In the Facebook Live stream, Moore described the lobby and the marble-covered interior of Trump Tower, and at one point reminisced that his mother used to stop in the mall-like building to rest when she came to New York. Moore also told viewers that he had visited the previous Saturday and spoken then to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway.

“It went well,” Moore said of the visit. “They didn’t kick me out.”

As Moore filmed, he rode the escalator up one flight to a mezzanine as others in the building recognized and called out to him. He continued riding the escalators until he reached the fourth floor, where Secret Service agents told him he could not go higher. They rejected his request to take an elevator.

Porky Pig Moore also pushed the election trutherism that Trump’s victory should be invalidated because Hillary had more votes which is an appeal to the dumbed-down snowflakes who are clueless to how the Electoral College works.

It’s already obvious that liberals have learned absolutely nothing from Tuesday’s election and are now going to triple down on exactly what it was that doomed them five days ago. Republicans must be licking their chops now that their opponents are hellbent at turning the blue jackass into an extinct species.

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