Now that the leftist media hydra has regenerated itself after the shock and awe of the Trump revolution it’s on the warpath looking for scalps. The target this week is Trump’s newly minted chief strategist Steve Bannon, formerly of conservative mega-website Breitbart News. Bannon is being attacked by Democrats and the establishment media as a “white nationalist”, a “racist”‘ a member of the so-called “alt-right” and most importantly an “anti-Semite”. It is the latter that packs the hardest punch and the pejorative of choice is always unleashed when an enemy of leftist fanatics needs to be taken out with extreme prejudice.

The lynchpin of the “anti-Semite” accusation is a Breitbart headline that blasted neocon Never Trumper William Kristol as a “Renegade Jew” during the acrimonious Republican primaries.

However, in a colossal lie of omission the media and unhinged leftist Dems fail to mention is that the author of the Breitbart piece in question is himself Jewish. David Horowitz is a fierce defender of Israel as well as an outspoken crusader against radical Islam whose Freedom Center has been tabbed as a hate organization by the flaming leftist Democrat front group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which is serving as the tip of in the anti-Bannon witch hunt.

So why not get the definitive account of the controversial “Renegade Jew” column directly from the horse’s mouth.

According to Horowitz in his latest column for Breitbart entitled “Anti-Bannon Hysteria More Evidence the Left Has Lost Touch with the American People”:

The losers of the left have worked themselves into such a bizarre hysteria over the fact that they lost the White House that they have lost all connection to reality and are now hyping their most ludicrously paranoid fantasies.

The function of this lunacy is to put off the inevitable moment when they are going to come back to Earth and reckon with the fact that they were horribly wrong and the American people have rejected them. For them, Stephen K. Bannon is the straw man of the hour.

I can’t think of anything stupider than the charge coming from all quarters of the left–including a headline in the pathetically wretched Huffington Post–that Bannon is an anti-Semite. The source? A one sentence claim from an angry ex-wife in divorce court no less, that Bannon didn’t want their kids to go to school with Jews. I find that particularly amusing since Bannon wanted to make a film to celebrate this Jew’s life.

Not to be outdone, CNN, which has been particularly vicious, did a nasty attack on Bannon using another of the thinnest reeds available: This was a headline at calling Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew.” In fact, neither Breitbart nor Bannon is responsible for that statement. A Jew is. I wrote the article, which was neither requested nor commissioned by Breitbart. And I wrote the headline: “Bill Kristol, Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew.”

I wrote the article when Kristol set out to lead the “Never Trump” movement, after Trump had secured the Republican nomination. I would write it again in a heartbeat. I would write it the same way and with the same headline. Bill Kristol and his friends betrayed the Republican Party, betrayed the American people, and betrayed the Jews when he set out to undermine Trump and elect the criminal Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that launched the Arab drive to destroy Israel and push its Jews into the sea (that was their slogan).


You won’t read it in the Washington Post, New York Times or see it on CNN but many are rushing to defend Bannon against the leftist lies and vitriol including the Zionist Organization of America and conservative talk radio superstar Mark Levin. Having failed to beat Trump fair and square, the Democrats and their presstitute allies are now switching to guerrilla warfare in an attempt to severely damage Trump’s presidency and undermine the will of the American people. It is imperative for all patriots to immediately spot and denounce such bullshit and point out that the attacks on Bannon are indeed a proxy war against the new president-elect.

The left is foaming at the mouth over Hillary’s loss and will stop at nothing to destroy Trump through the media since they couldn’t beat him fair and square at the ballot box.

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