Months after stabbing everyone who believed in him in the back with his transformation into a shill for Hillary, the Democrats have removed Commie Bernie Sanders’ choke chain. The babbling old goat has been tripling down on race-baiting demagoguery and will be giving what is billed as a major address on Wednesday night.

The Hill is reporting “Sanders to deliver ‘major speech’ on Trump”:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will deliver a “major speech” on Wednesday night about the direction of the country under President-elect Donald Trump as he continues to frame himself as a chief antagonist of the incoming Republican president.

Sanders is speaking at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., at 7 p.m. as part of a tour promoting his new book, “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.” His new political organization, Our Revolution, is live-streaming the event and sending it out to Sanders supporters online.

“Bernie Sanders is going to give a major speech on Wednesday night about the future of our country under the presidency of Donald Trump,” read the email to supporters.

“This is something you’ll want to watch.”

Expect a sustained vomiting up of tactics right out of Lenin 101 as the putative new leader of the Democratic party reaches out to the lowest common denominator by imploring his bong-pounding Bolsheviks to sow the seeds of racial discontent while at the same time pandering to feminists who are still in agony over Hillary’s loss. The Democrats won’t be happy until there is blood running in the streets and innocent white folks are being pulled from their cars and lynched from streetlights because they can’t accept the simple fact that they ran a lousy candidate and had their ticket punched to Palookaville by American voters.

Crazy Bernie in particular has been working to sow the seeds of racial discontent if his Twitter feed is any indication:

With Twitter cracking down on what the company defines as hate speech (translation: conservative activists) the least that they could do is banish braying Bernie for his incendiary race-baiting. Hell, the entire Democratic party can be banned now that they have degenerated into nothing more than one big hate group although you’ll never see that mentioned in any of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s fundraising spam.

Whether Bernie’s big speech will have the desired effect has yet to be seen, he just screwed his followers over again today by sucking up to new Senate Minority Leader (D-Wall Street) showing that like any good attack dog, he knows who exactly it is that scratches his belly and keeps the food bowl filled.

Rumor has it that they had to use a crowbar to pry Bernie’s lips off of Shumer’s ass.

Someone should tell Bernie to just go and piss off but unfortunately the only person who he would eagerly obey just got her ass kicked in the election

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