Actress Susan Sarandon caused a major stir with Democrats when she shunned Hillary Clinton by proclaiming that “I don’t’ vote with my vagina” in explaining why endorsed Green party candidate Jill Stein and with the whining sore losers forming up lynch mobs she has found herself on the target list. Actress Debra Messing who played Grace in the hit TV series “Will and Grace” excoriated Sarandon for not falling in line with the rest of the Hillemmings and blindly obeying orders to goose-step to the polls and cast their votes for the queen last Tuesday.

The unstable bully Messing went off on Sarandon via Twitter:

Sarandon however had the last word and returned fire, mocking Messing and all of the other celebrities who cast their lot with Clinton:

With reports of suicide hotlines being overwhelmed after Trump’s bitch-slapping of Hillary, lines in the vicinity of Hollyweird and Beverly Hills must have really been ringing off the hook.

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