The first epic battle may be over but the war itself is only beginning. Patriotic Americans can revel in the election of Donald Trump to the presidency despite overwhelming odds and the full might of the crooked establishment mustered against him but be mindful that this thing is far from over.

Already Trump is facing fierce resistance from a media that is working hard to undermine his transition as well as an angry and embittered Democratic party that is reeling from their rejection at the ballot box.

Trump may now be the president-elect but the opposition is steeling itself for a pitched battle, they are going to have to be destroyed much like American troops had to burn out Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender from their caves in the waning days of World War II.

The streets are now filled with George Soros funded mobs conducting orchestrated protests against Trump while some have taken to violence against suspected supporters. Democratic party leaders are complicit in the mayhem due to their reluctance to denounce it or in Emperor Obama’s case – call for a restoration of order. If anything Barry and the defeated Hillary are both encouraging the anarchists as they work to prevent a peaceful transition of power.

It isn’t only the freaks in the streets either, Clinton crime family operative David Brock – a Soros puppet – is reportedly building an anti-Trump opposition network that will serve as a bulwark against the incoming president’s efforts to deliver on his promises.

According to Politico “David Brock gathering donors to ‘kick Donald Trump’s ass’”:

Hillary Clinton’s attack dog David Brock is launching his own Koch-brothers-like donor network to finance attacks on President-elect Donald Trump and to rebuild the political left after Trump’s stunning victory over Clinton last week.

Brock on Thursday night emailed more than 200 of the biggest donors on the left — including finance titans George Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman — inviting them to a retreat in Palm Beach over inauguration weekend to assess what Democrats did wrong in 2016, figure out how to correct it and raise cash for those initiatives.

“This will be THE gathering for Democratic donors from across the country to hear from a broad and diverse group of leaders about the next steps for progressives under a Trump Administration,” Brock wrote to the donors in an email obtained by Politico.

The retreat, planned as the first in a series of regular gatherings, will feature appearances by an array of Democratic elected officials, operatives and liberal thinkers and group officials, Brock explained in an interview.

Though he said he had yet to extend invitations beyond those sent to donors Thursday night, he predicted there would be significant interest, noting that the keynote address at his last major donor conference, back in 2013, was delivered by former President Bill Clinton.

“What better way to spend inaugural weekend than talking about how to kick Donald Trump’s ass?” Brock said.

Spending Inauguration weekend plotting to subvert the will of the people and launch a soft coup against the legitimately elected leader is walking a thin line between being a sore loser and a traitor but Brock’s effort will be replicated and the only ones who can stop it are loyal Americans.

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, in order to take America back from the globalists and the liberal vermin it is imperative that those who voted for change by electing Trump stay active.


In the words of the immortal American war hero General George S. Patton:

“I don’t want to get any messages saying, “I am holding my position.” We are not holding a Goddamned thing. Let the enemy do that. We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding onto anything, except the enemy’s balls. We are going to twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to go through him like crap through a goose; like shit through a tin horn!”

Thanks to General Patton’s efforts and ability to inspire his troops, the Americans kicked the Germans’ asses and ran their once invincible leader into a dank rathole under Berlin where he committed suicide after his vaunted army was routed and the Thousand Year Reich reduced to rubble. The same principle applies with the forces of Soros, Obama and Clinton and there should be no quarter given when it comes to their useful idiots.

I will close in sharing a call to arms that was published at Zero Hedge last week entitled “A ‘Deplorable’ Speaks Out: “Sorry Snowflake, But It’s Not Over””:

For those of you on the left I know it is hard. You are confused, bewildered and deeply, deeply saddened. Maybe even triggered. You probably missed work or school yesterday, called in sick or simply didn’t get out of bed. That’s ok though because your Indigenous Women’s Studies prof said it was ok to skip the exam today. Everyone is getting an A as a morale builder. So cheer up.

But unfortunately that doesn’t really explain anything. How did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did. How could the polls be so wrong? What about the entire media? How?

Well, here are a few theories that might help you see where some of your mistakes were made. First, and probably foremost, is just good old fashioned hubris. The idea that “we can’t be beat”. Arrogance mixed with confirmation bias is a dangerous thing in any type of conflict; physical or otherwise. Just ask General Custer. Things didn’t work out real well for him and for the same reasons.

This leads directly into another problem that often arises from hubris. That is: failing to understand your enemy.

It would interest you to know that I, the author of this piece, am not an American. That’s right. I’m not a Yank. I don’t reside in the USA and have no interest in doing so. That means, unlike my illegal immigrant counterparts currently residing in your nation, I didn’t vote.

But like many who fall into the ‘basket of deplorables’ residing in the US I realized early on that the battle between Trump and Clinton was much more than simply a contest between two politicians for the presidency. At its core it was an ideological conflict between light and dark, truth and lies. It was a struggle for the heart of western civilization in general.

And while I’ve never considered myself much of a right winger, being more of a libertarian bent, I have found myself increasingly pushed and marginalized by the “enlightened and progressive” amongst you into the same camp with all sorts of deplorables, regardless of where they lived and what they called themselves. Nationalists, alt righters, anarchists, constitutionalists and so on and so forth all made for strange bedfellows but an effective team. Working on the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend we have all found common ground. We have you to thank for that. By pushing, badgering, harassing, marginalizing and insulting us on a regular basis you created something new. And it crushed you at the ballot box.

There were other factors as well. The pesky internet for example. It allowed those of us who could not vote to contribute in other ways. Through memes, leaks and general trolling we cheered and supported our freedom loving brothers and sisters in your country and encouraged them to have heart and stay the course. Of course, our part was small, minisucle really, compared to what our American brothers and sisters had to endure, but you get the picture.

Elections, especially ones mired in icky things like ideology and principle, now cross national boundaries. It sucks I know, but a lack of imagination on your part does not equal or represent a foul on ours. We did nothing illegal or immoral. We simply beat you because, well, we’re smarter than you are.

But not to worry. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn from your mistakes. You see, the battle that took place in your polling stations on the 8th of November was just that. A battle. We, the freedom loving peoples of the western world, well, we’re just getting warmed up. To quote the man: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet“.

So retreat to your safe spaces, grab your adult colouring books and put on a happy face my special snow flakes because regardless of whoever/whatever you are and regardless of what nation it is you reside in, we, the deplorables, are coming for you.

Until the enemy gets their mangy assess off of the streets and their leaders issue their unconditional surrender the swords cannot be beaten back into plowshares. They are not going to go quietly and would burn the country down rather than allow Trump to succeed and they will only be stopped by decent, patriotic Americans fighting relentlessly against them – through non-violent but aggressive means – until their will has been broken.

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