The great American liberal fever swamps may boiling with resentment but there is still time to snap up that perfect Christmas gift for any moonbats in your extended family. Beat the Black Friday rush – and avoid being stomped to death at a local big box doorbusters extravaganza – by dropping by the official Hillary Clinton campaign store and stocking up on merchandise at deep discount prices. This is your last chance to grab these historic collector’s items and everything must go.

According to CBS News “Clinton campaign sends out email blast for discounted Hillary merchandise”:

Hillary Clinton may have just lost the White House, but It’s never been more cost-effective to be #WithHer.

The presidential runner-up sent an email blast to supporters on Wednesday offering “deeply discounted” merchandise, ranging from $15 logo t-shirts to $2 “Deal us in” buttons.

The campaign hoped to tap into Republican party opposition, asking supporters: “Still fired up? Time to take the fight to Trump. Get deeply discounted items from the shop and help support Democrats.”

While it may seem like a clearance sale of sorts, quantities still seem to be limited. A week ago — two days after Clinton’s election loss — a Hillary for America official told TMZ that they were inundated with orders as collectors rushed to own a piece of the historical campaign.

Give an assist to TMZ for a job well done in turd-polishing.

This humble writer just dropped by the website and can confirm that the following items are still in stock:

Wear your feelings out in public with the official Stronger Together T-Shirts: $15.00

Display your loserhood with pride with a My Body, My Choice button combo for $2.00

For that very special person who wants to express their idiocy to the entire neighborhood there are Clinton-Kaine Yard Signs for $3.00

No Thanks to Donald Trump bumper stickers for $1.00

Deal yourself in with the official Deck of Women Cards for $10.00

The Madam President notebook for $15.00

A beautifully embroidered “A Woman’s Place is in the White House” throw pillow for $55.00

Identify yourself as a member of the all-inclusive rainbow coalition of stupidity with the following yard sign combo packs:

African-Americans for Hillary: $15.00, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders for Hillary: $15.00, LGBT for Hillary $15.00, Native Americans for Hillary $15.00 – Hermaphrodites for Hillary must be out of stock because I didn’t see it and the inventory has also been depleted of Latinos for Hillary signs.

And not only a veritable Santa’s sleigh of stocking stuffers but also a nice pair of socks to hang by your chimney with care for 10.00.

And if you spend $500, you can score a free anatomically correct Hillary Clinton Love Doll along with free shipping and handling.



HA HA HA, Only kidding on that last one folks!

Considering the mother of all dumpster fires that was the Democrat’s election debacle it’s a good thing that there are so many liberal suckers out there otherwise this crap would have been burned along with the rest of the garbage.

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