Defeated Democrats are looking to rebound from their staggering electoral defeat by betting the house on even more of the same identity politics that contributed to their election day wipeout. In what should be a real head-scratcher, the busted donkey party is pinning it’s hopes on a very small Muslim demographic that isn’t substantial enough of a voting block to swing elections.

The pushing of radical Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison to be the Muslim head of the DNC is a weird move, especially so given his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, anti-cop New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio is grabbing headlines by threatening the incoming Trump administration with a lawsuit is plans to create a Muslim database are implemented.

According to the New York Daily News “De Blasio says NYC will sue if the Trump administration tries to make Muslims register in a database”:

New York City would sue to stop the federal government if the Trump administration went forward with a plan to require all Muslims to register in a database, Mayor de Blasio said Monday.

De Blasio, in a speech before hundreds of supporters on Monday denouncing many of Trump’s policies, said, “We will sue to block it.”

“We will use all the tools at our disposal to stand up for our people,” he said.

He spoke a day after President-elect Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told “Meet the Press” they wouldn’t rule one out, though they weren’t planning it.

De Blasio, speaking in the same hall at Cooper Union where Abraham Lincoln gave a famous anti-slavery speech, said it’s important for New York to be at the forefront of a burgeoning anti-Trump movement because this city has always been a beacon of opportunity all over the world.

He said we need to organize “issue by issue” with other Americans, and stressed that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was winning the popular vote by 1.5 million at last count.

Ever the loyal party apparatchik, De Blasio is hustling the election trutherism that Trump’s win should be reversed because Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote. That really has become a good selling point for the brainless, thin-skinned Millennial tantrum-throwers who don’t know the Constitution from a comic book and will ensure a massive George Soros underwritten protest at the inauguration ceremony.

The liberal stronghold of New York City will serve as the alternate U.S. Capital for the leftist insurgents and not only is De Blasio a leader of the rebel faction but also state governor Andrew Cuomo who has vowed to use taxpayer money in order to build a legal defense fund for illegal aliens  – including criminals – who would be subject to deportation under the Trump administration:

Liberals have set new standards for sore losers following their unexpected beating and will be digging in their heels to resist Trump and the will of the voters. Perhaps New York can follow the example of the other hotbed of leftist fanatics out in California and just secede from the union, they can appoint De Blasio and Nancy Pelosi as the king and queen of the new banana republic of Moronica.

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