Fox News femme fatale Megyn Kelly cried foul after comments on her new memoir Settle for More were overwhelmingly negative. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and soon after a Los Angeles Times article claimed that the bad reviews were a coordinated effort to smear the crusading, ladder-climbing anchorwoman by evil supporters of President-elect Donald Trump, the censors flew into action. So Amazon did what many other social media sites have begun to do and launched a crackdown on free speech.

The negative reviews were quickly deleted lest the face of the new post-Roger Ailes Fox News be subjected to any bad publicity.

According to USA Today “Amazon squashes Trump trolls’ attacks on Megyn Kelly book”:

Amazon appeared to remove several politically motivated negative reviews of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s memoir Settle for More after a flood of one-star ratings drew media attention.

As of early Wednesday, 17% of the reviewers on Amazon gave the book one star. At one point, as many as 76% of the reviews were one-star, Slate reported.

The Los Angeles Times  reported that many of the reviews were linked to a pro-Trump Reddit forum called “The_Donald.”

Some commenters picked up on the removal of the negative reviews. “Tim from MD.,” for example, wrote a post titled “Over 120 1 star reviews have been deleted. Are we living in a free country anymore?”

“Trump is president, but she wrote the book certain Clinton would win,” Tim from MD. wrote. “Now the book and her shows advertisers are getting boycotted. So apparently her attorneys have called to get negative reviews deleted. And they succeeded. I’m shocked.”

Brianna wrote, “I have written many thoughtful reviews as to why this book is horrible! They have all been removed even though I am a reputable Amazon customer/reviewer which is why originally Megyn had the true rating of one and a half stars and now four and a half FIXED STARS!”

Amazon did not remove all the reviews that seem to focus more on the recent presidential campaign than the contents of the book. One reviewer who gave the book a single star wrote nothing more than “Anti-Trump.” Another wrote that she is still upset “over trump calling her out,” and one reviewer said, “As unpopular and uninteresting as her show. MAGA,” using the acronym for “Make America Great Again.”

Kelly’s publisher, Harper Collins told the L.A. Times that the onslaught of negative reviews had “the hallmarks of an orchestrated effort to discredit the book and our author Megyn Kelly,” adding that “We have brought it to the attention of Amazon.”

The L.A. Times pointed the finger at the Reddit community “the_Donald”, a rollicking collection of patriotic Trump backers that has been attacked by liberals as the blame for Hillary Clinton’s punch to the gut on election day has been pinned on the alternative media instead of the “fake news” that was predicting a Democratic party landslide. Both Twitter and Facebook have begun a Stalinist purge under the pretenses of cleansing their sites of hate but make no mistake about it, this is all about silencing critics of the corrupt establishment. Reddit has reportedly been pressured to the point where it closed down the popular “Pizzagate” forum where community members gathered to sift through the Wikileaks data dump of Hillary campaign manager John Podesta for alleged links to billionaire pederast Jeffrey Epstein.


But in yet another yuuuge double standard, the reviews for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Christmas ornament have been overrun with parasitic leftist trolls yet as of this morning, there has not been a similar action taken to erase the negative reviews which are very obviously the result of a coordinated swarm attack.

According to The Hill  “Trump’s Christmas ornament flooded with bad Amazon reviews”:

Amazon users flooded Donald Trump’s $149 “Make America Great Again” hat Christmas ornament with bad reviews poking fun at the president-elect.
President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday unveiled $149 “Make America Great Again” Christmas ornaments, a mini version of his iconic red cap “made of brass and finished in 14 karat gold.”

After it went on sale, it garnered hundreds of reviews, with the majority making fun of Trump’s campaign.

One review from “A. Flowerson” read, “This ornament has bigly potential. YUGE. it’ll make your tree great. very great. it’ll do great things for your tree. great things.”

Another review from “BSPhDon” read “Every time I try to hang it on the branch, it yells ‘WRONG!’ No matter which branch I try, it’s ‘WRONG!’ My brother and father can hang it up just fine, but when my mother and I try, it’s just ‘WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!’

The disparity of treatment when it comes to Amazon can probably be attributable to the fact that billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos is also the rotating and radiating leftist ideologue who owns the virulently anti-Trump, pro-establishment Washington Post.

I was however able to grab a few of the Kelly book  reviews before the big Bezos jackboot stomped down on free speech:

“I’m a fan of Megyn Kelly but I have to say that this book is not worth your time or money. I thought I would end up liking her more after reading this, but I ended up questioning whether her intentions for writing this were merely for personal gain. Some of her allegations were too far fetched and did not sound authentic, especially because she waited to reveal these situations until her book debut.”
“Choppy, yawn fest, breaks no new ground, depth that a college bound 10th grader can exceed”

“More evidence that our nation has forgotten the definition of journalism. Megyn Kelly was all in for Clinton and her book was written in anticipation of a Clinton Presidency. It’s just anti-Trump propagana drivel. When will she go away?”


“It appears that Megyn Kelly will say, and write just about anything to sell another book. She includes all the usual tricks, such as: “He sexually assaulted me twenty years ago but I’m only mentioning it now, in my book, because I was so scared.”


“I couldn’t finish it. It’s mainly an anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-male rant mixed in with a “look-at-mee” tone which Kelly lays on so thick that it’s cloying. WAY too much ego, plenty of hate, and not much substance. Forget it”


“Very poorly written and difficult to follow. She also comes across as extremely pompous in several sections.”


“Gossipy. She seems to make facts up to support ever-changing narratives. If some of these things were true, why did she wait to “report” them?

I have liked and watched Megyn in the past. It is only lately that I see her obsession with fame over truth. “Celebrities” have taken over journalism.


I have heard that Amazon is deleting negative reviews. Well, everything is political today and Amazon owns the Washington Post, so it makes sense. If one wants free speech apparently one must buy it. I guess we all bought it for Bezos.”

None of the comments that I saw were even remotely inappropriate for a boring, ghostwritten hagiography like Kelly’s book.

It would be appropriate for patriotic supporters of our new president to express their feelings to Amazon over their hypocrisy – either restore the negative reviews for Settle for More or also remove the trolls from Trump’s Christmas ornament. But that would be fair and balanced.

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