In another sordid report from the front lines of the leftist war on America, a Massachusetts college has removed the American flag from it’s campus in a capitulation to whiny student agitators.

The chain of events that culminated in administrators taking down Old Glory began when snowflake students lowered the flag to half-staff as a protest after Donald Trump bitch-slapped Hillary in the election. With the precedent set that the flag is a symbol of hate and oppression, someone then lit it on fire on Veterans Day, a sign of exactly the sort of “education” that young people are getting at the Amherst communist indoctrination factory.

Rather than root out and discipline the anarchists responsible for the destruction of school property, a compromise was reached so as to not offend the thin-skinned whiners and America haters – NO flags would be flown on campus.

According to CNN “Massachusetts college stops flying US flag on campus for now”:

Hampshire College, a liberal arts institution of about 1,400 students, has taken some heat after deciding not to fly the US flag.

A day after the presidential election, the Massachusetts college sided with students who lowered the flag to half-staff.

The administration wanted to build student rapport and facilitate discussion on what the flag represents.

That angered some people in the Amherst community, where the college is located.

And when someone lit the campus’ US flag on fire November 10, many more pushed back after the college decided to do away with flying the American flag, at least temporarily.

How things happened

For Veterans Day on November 11, college officials replaced the burned US flag and flew one full-staff.

The next day, Hampshire trustees voted to lower the banner to half-staff again, to continue the campus discussion on the flag’s meaning.

Flying the flag at half-staff “was meant as an expression of grief over the violent deaths being suffered in this country and globally, including the many U.S. service members who have lost their lives,” President Jonathan Lash said.

Lash regretted the college taking that action as it caused some “unintentional distress” over a traditional expression of mourning, school spokesman John Courtmanche told CNN.

On Monday, Lash announced in a Facebook statement that the college had decided on November 18 that no flags, US or otherwise, would fly over campus for the time being. But students can still fly their own flags.

“Our goal is to give voice to the range of viewpoints on campus across cultures, and hopefully find common ground,” Courtmanche said in a statement. “We’ve heard from members of our community that, for them and for many in our country, the flag is a powerful symbol of fear they’ve felt all their lives because they grew up as people of color, never feeling safe. For others, it’s a symbol of their highest aspirations for the country.”

The decision has sparked some backlash including this epic retort from conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham:

While there has been an ongoing crusade to ban the Confederate flag from campuses and public places it’s breaking new territory when the actual American flag has been designated as an object of scorn and racism by grievance mongers. Thanks to the Democrats, their Black Lives Matter goon squads and the liberal media glorifying scumbags like Colin Kaepernick this is what it’s come to in Obamastan, it’s a good thing that my WW II veteran grandfather isn’t alive to see this despicable treatment of that the flag that he fought and nearly died for.

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