It sure seems as though the Democrats are racing the clock in order to steal the election back from Donald Trump. While patriots celebrated the election of Trump to the presidency two weeks ago, Democrats dug in and got to work. In a whirlwind of a week that has the potential to wreak havoc on the nation, Clinton crime family stooge Jill Stein has sprung a trap that has all the makings of an attempted coup.

The Green party candidate has gone from a footnote in history to a figure who will live in infamy with a surprise operation to trigger a vote recount in three key states. Stein’s crowdsourcing operation has now raked in over $5 million in three days, a figure that calls into question the “grass roots” effort that it has been advertised as. The drive for a vote audit in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania has now set a goal at $7 million and rising.

The mysterious influx of cash into the coffers of a fringe candidate who received less than two percent of the vote can likely be attributed to Clinton allies (like moneybags George Soros) who appear to be redoubling their efforts to steal the election from Trump. With the Wisconsin recount already a done deal it has been announced that Clinton crime family operatives will be participating in Stein’s big con to “to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides”, an indication that they have been the invisible hand behind this crazy turn of events.

According to The Hill “Clinton campaign counsel: We’ll participate in recount”:

An attorney for Hillary Clinton’s campaign says it will participate in the Wisconsin recount initiated by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein.

Marc Elias, the campaign’s general counsel, wrote in a post on Medium on Saturday that the Clinton team has been conducting an extensive review of election results, searching for any signs that the voting process had been tampered with.

He emphasized that analysts employed by the campaign have largely found no evidence to conclude that the election was sabotaged, but said that the campaign is committed to helping ensure a fair recount process.

“The campaign is grateful to all those who have expended time and effort to investigate various claims of abnormalities and irregularities,” Elias wrote.

“While that effort has not, in our view, resulted in evidence of manipulation of results, now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported.”

Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin on Friday afternoon, and has pledged to do the same in Pennsylvania and Michigan — states in which President-elect Donald Trump won or is leading by narrow margins.

Coinciding with Stein’s challenge of the results are renewed claims by Democrat operatives that the Russians hacked the vote in the exact states that are being contested. This could be the exact pretense for the reversal of the election and the awarding of the White House to the Clintons.

A far-fetched conspiracy theory? Perhaps, but the speed in which events have moved since Wednesday makes it better than even money that this entire operation has been orchestrated. Keep in mind, it’s NOT a matter of Clinton winning the recount but rather “evidence” that could be cooked up in order to present the media with the narrative that Putin hacked the voting machines in order to benefit Trump.

The media has been hot to trot ever since a timely story by Democrat hack Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine claimed that “experts” believe that the results may have been tampered with. One of those experts is the ballyhooed computer science professor J. Alex Halderman who has curried favor with Dems for giving intellectual heft to claims about Russian meddling. All that Halderman and his team have to do is find some sort of “proof” of hacking and then it will be game on to void the election results.

Interestingly and concurrent with the Clinton rainmaker Stein’s fundraising/recount scam, the virulently anti-Trump Washington Post published an article giving credence to a shadowy group that has released what can only be called a neo-McCarthyist blacklist of over 200 alternative media websites (most of them conservative) that have been identified as outlets for Putin’s propagandists. The list includes the hugely popular Drudge Report as well as the Ron Paul Institute,, Zero Hedge, the Federalist Papers Project, Liberty Blitzkrieg and the libertarian Lew

Building on the “fake news” hysteria this is a blatant attempt to stifle political dissent and the group which calls itself PropOrNot is calling for these sites to be subjected to federal persecution:

The malevolent nature of this secretive organization is expressed by this terrifying part of their expressed mission via the PropOrNot website:

Isn’t this just McCarthyism?!

No. We are not accusing anyone of lawbreaking, treason, or “being a member of the Communist Party”. We fiercely believe in the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of the press, and have no interest in seeing anyone punished for exercising them. Quite to the contrary.

However, when outlets and individuals echo, repeat, and refer their audience to Russian propaganda, we’re going to highlight it. They have the right to do that, and we have the right to call them on it. We are also encouraging others to help us research this further, and we are calling for formal investigations by the US government, because we think the American people have the right to know when foreign governments are trying to mess with them.

Also, the kind of folks who make propaganda for brutal authoritarian oligarchies are often involved in a wide range of bad business. We strongly suspect that some of the individuals involved have violated the Espionage Act, the Foreign Agent Registration Act, and other related laws, but determining that is up to the FBI and the DOJ.

Why go to this extreme now? An answer might be to shut down the alternative media and any who would protest a pro-Clinton faction’s overturning of the election results.

Trump came out on Saturday and blasted the Stein-Clinton plot as a “scam” and to this point, Emperor Obama is trying to stay on the sidelines – at least until the crackerjack team of biased “experts” can pull a claim of Russian hacking out of their asses and then he’ll be Johnny on the spot to send in the feds.

None of this bodes well for the future which could soon get very nasty very quickly if Team Hillary is able to get away with what increasingly looks like a well-financed, highly-organized black op to tilt the tables back in favor of the corrupt establishment.

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