In the relentless drive to defend the crooked media that is still in campaign mode for Hillary Clinton, the meme is being pushed that alternative voices are fake news. This boils down to any source that hasn’t been shamelessly in bed with Mrs. Clinton or hasn’t demonized Donald Trump as an oversexed neo-Nazi puppet of the Kremlin. If anything, the establishment has doubled down since the election as efforts to steal the presidency from Trump are intensifying but the real purveyors of “fake news” are those at big name media outlets.

So a heart warming story has been conjured up about Hillary that reeks of a cynical public relations ploy. The tale of a six-year old boy who delivered a special Thanksgiving Day love letter to the warmongering criminal vampire in the form of a yard sign.

According to Politico “Hillary Clinton’s Thanksgiving surprise spearheaded by 6-year-old boy”:

Hillary Clinton received a display of gratitude near her home Thursday as a collection of colorful signs were posted thanking the former Democratic nominee for president.

The effort was spearheaded by a 6-year-old named Liam. He cheered for Clinton throughout the election and sobbed on election night as the results came in, said his mother, who asked that their last names be kept private to avoid online harassment. Not long after the election, on a drive near Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York, home, Liam was disappointed that there was only one sign reading, “We love HRC.”

Liam said there ‘should be lots and lots of signs,’ because ‘she’s probably even sadder than me,’ ” his mother recounted in a note to friends inviting them to participate in Liam’s project. “[S]o he wants to go back and leave lots of signs on Thanksgiving – to say ‘thank you,’ show support, love and encouragement. If anyone else wants to help by making a sign for his little to help by making a sign for his little project, let me know!”

While liberals and low-information types are just gushing over this contrived gloppy goo those with a knowledge of history should have a cold chill run down their spines. The indoctrination of the young was a primary objective of another dangerous demagogue who in many ways was very similar to Hillary.