Refusing to accept the results of the election and gripped by a red-hot fury, supporters of Hillary Clinton are now resorting to threats against electors. The Clinton crime syndicate is pushing hard for the Electoral College to award the White House to Hillary and their low-level thugs are prepared to use violence if necessary – at least according to what we’ve seen since November 9th with armies of organized thugs in the streets.

Reports indicate that a number of electors have been the targets of bullying and even death threats if they didn’t reject Donald Trump when the time comes to cast their votes.

According to the Detroit News “Michigan electors cite threats over Trump vote”:

Michael Banerian wants to show that young adults still have faith in the political system, but he said his selection as one of Michigan’s 16 Electoral College voters has prompted emails urging him to vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton and even threatening death.

On Dec. 19, the 22-year-old Banerian is scheduled to join 15 other Michiganians to cast their electoral votes for Republican President-elect Donald Trump.

But Trump’s opponents have deluged Banerian and other GOP electors with pleas and nasty emails to reverse course and cast their ballots for Clinton, according to the Michigan Republican Party.

“You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die,’ ” he said. “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.”

The Detroit News verified one message containing a death wish and another containing a death threat, in which the person told Banerian he would “put a bullet” in his mouth. Banerian said he deleted the rest of the emails and messages “because as you can imagine they’re clogging up my email.”

A World Net Daily piece adds that electors in Georgia and Arizona have also reported receiving threats.

The website Buzzfeed which typically serves as a clearinghouse for leftist swill recently reported on an anti-Trump alliance has circulated personal information on the electors.

According to the story “Anti-Trump Protesters Post Personal Information Of Electoral College Members”:

The #NotMyPresident Alliance, a national anti-Donald Trump protest group, has released the personal information of dozens of Electoral College members in states that voted Republican.

A spreadsheet distributed to supporters Wednesday included the personal phone numbers, addresses, religions, races, genders, and candidate preference of the electors. The document does not have a complete set of data on every elector.

The group hopes that its members and citizens around the country will contact electors and persuade them to change their vote from Donald Trump to another candidate before Dec. 19, when electors cast their votes. The group does not advocate for Hillary Clinton or any other specific candidate, rather asking protesters to encourage electors from each state to a consensus that isn’t Trump.

The group has color-coded each elector with how likely they are to change their vote based on their previous comments to press and social media.

As has been the modus operandi for the Clinton campaign, there has been no official condemnation of this vile behavior or calls to stop harassing electors. If anything, Clinton allies are encouraging the overturn of the Electoral College vote:

The thoroughly compromised and discredited mainstream media also bears responsibility in the climate of hostility for constantly putting out stories that Hillary had more popular votes than Trump which may be be accurate but only serves to trash the legitimacy of the Electoral College which is the scoreboard that counts.

The refusal of the Democrats to admit that they lost due to their own corrupt candidate as well as betting the farm on race-baiting while ignoring white Rust Belt working class voters begs the question as to whether Hillary’s endgame is to burn the country to the ground because an unprecedented Electoral College reversal is not going to sit well with over sixty million Americans who cast their votes for Trump.

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