If nothing else, the media Muppets are consistent to a fault. In a mad rush to launch their latest tirade against Donald Trump the nation’s top fake news outlets are devoting much space to defend flag burning. The President-elect punked his establishment opponents once again on Tuesday when he suggested that torching Old Glory should have serious consequences. Days after cranking out innumerable hagiographies to deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, America’s legions of hacks and presstitutes railed against Trump over what is just the latest in a long series of Twitter trolls.

The ginned-up outrage was everywhere, the fake news champion of the western world, the New York Times railed against Trump in yet another poison pen editorial entitled “Mr. Trump, Meet the Constitution”:

Here’s where we explain what shouldn’t need explaining. Flag-burning is constitutionally protected speech. The Supreme Court has made this clear, in a ruling joined by Mr. Trump’s favorite justice, Antonin Scalia. It’s popular to want to punish flag-burners — pandering politicians, including Hillary Clinton, have tried. But the First Amendment exists to protect unpopular, even repulsive forms of expression. As the Supreme Court said in a 1990 decision finding a federal law against flag-burning unconstitutional, “Punishing desecration of the flag dilutes the very freedom that makes this emblem so revered, and worth revering.”

It’s interesting that so many of the people who are eager to punish flag-burners, like Mr. Trump, are at the same time so untroubled by speech that offends minorities, women and other Americans. They rail against any concern about that kind of speech as “political correctness.” But in this country, flag-burning is about as politically incorrect as anything you can do. Where is their courageous defense of speech now?

The Times’ ally in the war against Trump at the Washington Post also slammed the President-elect and even called for him to be banned from Twitter in the screed “It’s time to ban Donald Trump from Twitter”:

Hot on the heels of Donald Trump’s latest outrageously outrageous tweet — in which he suggested that we either imprison people who burn the flag or strip them of their citizenship — it’s time for Twitter to take action and ban Donald Trump from the service.

Ironically this is the same newspaper that last week promoted a shadowy group that has put together what can only be called a Stalinesque blacklist of 200 + websites that it claims are outlets for Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s Russian propaganda and calling for the feds to investigate and prosecute the owners and writers. The one thing that the named websites have in common is that they are all critical of Hillary Clinton and in some cases served as advocates for Trump. But hypocrisy is the coin of the realm in liberal la-la land.

If the WAPO got it’s wish and Trump was banned in the ongoing Twitter alt-right witch hunt what would the media have to write about every day? Trump has been playing them for a pack of fools and chumps for months by sending out controversial tweets which the media then collectively condemns and reveals themselves as being nothing more than a pack of biased establishment stenographers and Clinton slurpers.

The media also fails to bother mentioning that their blessed and beloved heroine Hillary had herself called for the punishment of flag-burners.

One thing is certain though is that thanks to the media lunging for the bait that they have encouraged the angry hordes of George Soros backed, anti-Trump pissbabies to engage in a spree of flag burning.

According to Reuters “Trump flag-burning tweet leads activists to burn some flags in New York”:

A small group of hard-left activists burned foot-long U.S. flags outside the Trump International Hotel in New York on Tuesday, in an angry response to a tweet by President-elect Donald Trump that flag-burners should face legal consequences.

Social media was itself ablaze on Tuesday in response to Trump’s tweet, which suggested that burning the U.S. flag should be punishable by a year in jail or a revocation of citizenship.

Trump’s provocative tweets on flag-burning and other topics, including efforts to recount the Nov. 8 presidential vote, came as the Republican worked to fill his Cabinet in advance of his inauguration in January.

Mark this as another win for Trump in that not only has he successfully knocked the media off the designated narrative that Hillary actually won the election but the coming epidemic of flag burning by the Democrats’ anarchist shock troops will only serve to further alienate them in the eyes of patriotic Americans who still believe in such quaint concepts as honoring election results and law and order.

Originally published at Downtrend.com