Race obsessed bomb thrower Shaun King is at it again and in a hilarious turn of events is blasting the Democrats over being too white. Like the rest of the leftist commentariat, Mr. King is wracked by anguish and rage over Donald Trump’s election but unlike the majority who are in lockstep unity, he is turning his fire on his own party. The beauty of it is that King is carping about the Democrats are too white, a sign that the party is on the brink of being burned down by the very same identity politics that it embraced for the sole purpose of winning an election that they just lost.

According to King’s New York Daily News column “Without Obama in the White House, the Democratic Party is painfully and disproportionately white”:

Can I be all the way real?

The election of our first black president was a beautiful thing. But now that Barack Obama is on his way out, and Donald Trump is on his way in to the Oval Office, it’s giving us a real chance to look at what the Democratic Party truly stands for and I have to be honest, I don’t like what I see. We’ve been down so long in the Democratic Party that it looked like up to us.

No single voting bloc or ethnic group in America was more loyal to any party, Democratic or Republican, than black folk were to the Democratic Party. It’s not even close. Eighty-eight percent of Black voters voted for Hillary Clinton — including an astounding 94% of Black women. The second most loyal voting bloc to the Democratic Party? Latinos. Sixty-five percent of Latinos voted for Hillary Clinton.

Yet, the party ran a white presidential candidate and a white vice presidential candidate. Before they resigned at the end of the primaries, the head of the Democratic Party, both the chairman and CEO, were white.

The Democratic Senate Minority Leader was white. The person appointed as the new Senate Minority Leader is white. Only two Democrats in the upcoming Senate are black — which is absolutely preposterous.

Normally I don’t agree with the race-baiting antagonist King but he’s hit the nail on the head this time and laid bare the dreadful truth that the Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about black folks unless their votes are needed. Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Just look at the post-Hillary/Obama party leadership. You have one white commie cadaver, a 31/32 percent white shrieking banshee fake Indian, a white Jewish toady for Wall Street and a continuously recycled white female cretin from San Francisco. How’s that for diversity?

With King being a mouthpiece for the Black Lives Matter movement and if his column is any indication of how they really feel then the Democrats are in huge trouble. With the underwhelming turnout for Hillary making it clear that many black voters were already suspicous of the Democrats who always take them for granted and then forget them when the election is over, then a full scale rebellion may be brewing over the post-election leadership picks and the glaring lack of diversity.

Blacks may no longer be content to remain locked inside the gates of the big Democrat plantation.

Perhaps an appropriate Twitter hashtag is in order: #DemsSoWhite

Originally published at Downtrend.com