Democrats have been driven mad by grief and denial since Hillary Clinton’s crushing election loss and are thrashing about like a recently beheaded chicken that doesn’t understand that it’s dead. Rather than engaging in a careful, soul-searching analysis of how their slam-dunk victory was thwarted, the embittered Dems screech about the unfairness of the Electoral College, wail about Russian conspiracies and refuse to dump the identity politics that led to their demise.

Now, in a stupendous display of red-assed stupidity, Nancy Pelosi has cruised to reelection as House Minority Leader by a whopping 134-63 margin. The Democrats might as well have just signed a mutual suicide pact, doused themselves in gasoline and flicked a Bic. It would have been a far less painful and dignified way to go out than what awaits them in 2018.

The retention of Pelosi is an early Christmas gift to Republicans.

USA Today reports “Wait a minute … GOP rejoices over Pelosi win”:

Nancy Pelosi had some unlikely fans celebrating her re-election as House minority leader Wednesday — loads of Republicans.

Republicans — including members of President-elect Donald Trump’s team — gloated over Pelosi’s sweeping election over Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, Wednesday. But it wasn’t because they think she’s a good choice for Democrats, in fact, it’s the opposite.

Pelosi has led Democrats in the House since 2003. She became the first female House speaker in 2007 and then returned to her role as minority leader in 2011 after the Democrats were swept out in the 2010 election. While she’s a very successful party fundraiser, she’s also been blamed for her role in the Democrats massive losses during the 2016 election.

Before the election, the National Republican Congressional Committee trolled Pelosi. “No single person deserves more credit for House Republicans’ historic majority than Nancy Pelosi,” NRCC Communications Director Katie Martin said in a statement. “Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, House Democrats have become completely irrelevant.”

Following Pelosi’s win, Republicans took to Twitter to celebrate.

Republicans SHOULD be rejoicing given that the Democrats have once again added Pelosi’s head to their Mount Rushmore of failure. It’s hard to see it being worse than the following “leadership” team: Commie crank Bernie Sanders, Fauxahontas, Wall Street’s bagman Chuck Schumer and the Weasel Queen.

This is the recipe for an electoral disaster in the 2018 mid-term elections but hey, she is a whiz at raising money which is what the corrupt Dems really care about.

It’s only fitting that a party whose mascot is a jackass would be mired in the mud due to stubbornness.

What next? Are they going to roll Hillary out again in 2020?

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