For all of those who were rejoicing on the morning of November 9th over the thought that the festering wart named Hillary Clinton had finally been sliced off of the ass of America it may be time to temper the celebrations. The Clinton campaign is not going away quietly and is prepared to go scorched earth in a desperate struggle to overturn the election results.

Having enlisted disgraced Green party candidate Jill Stein to the cause, the media-promoted recount of three crucial Rust Belt states won by Trump isn’t about the votes being re-tallied but rather about giving Team Clinton to plant “evidence” of Russian interference. Of course it’s all one big hoax but the media eats it up and the liberals and snowflakes are fired up by Cold War nostalgia and the allure of being a part of a struggle for the heart and soul of America.

With the recounts likely to go down this coming week, Team Clinton is putting the pieces into place for what will be a battle royale to cram Hillary’s pasty white ass into the White House despite Trump’s win. The media has been hammering the meme that Clinton won the popular vote for weeks now without bothering to offer up any context. While it is true that Hillary whooped up on Trump in California which makes for that hyped “popular vote” margin but the Golden State is full of liberals, whack jobs, queers and Mexicans (a good many of whom probably voted illegally) so that would seem to validate the intent of the Founders in implementing the Electoral College to begin with in order to prevent a big state from imposing it’s will on the entire country.

There are mounting reports of electors being threatened and bullied (probably bribed as well) and a number have already come out and stated that they would not honor their commitments and would flip against the results of states won by Trump. They have even given themselves a nifty name: The Hamilton Electors as they go about their mission to restore the Clinton dynasty to power.

Campaign manager Robby Mook – a venomous and unprincipled scumbag who has more in common with Roy Cohn than just his homosexuality – played the Russian card once again during a forum on Thursday, setting the stage for the accusations that Putin stole Pennsylvania that are forthcoming once the Clintonstein teams are in place and given the go-ahead for the recount.

The intent seems to be in using whatever “proof” of Russian interference that the Democrats can pull out of their asses to make the case in the corrupt media and convince the Electoral College to reject Trump’s win. This would be truly unprecedented territory but the Clinton-Soros axis of evil is prepared to burn the entire country to the ground in order to install Hillary into the White House.


A piece from the progressive Consortium News should scare the pants off of any Americans who 1: voted for Trump and 2: still believe that we have such a thing as legitimate transfers of power in this country.

I excerpt the following from “A Bare-Knuckle Fight Over Recounts”:

When the Clinton campaign said it would join the recount in three Rust Belt states narrowly lost to Donald Trump, it didn’t say its motive was overcoming the vote totals but instead to find out if there was “foreign interference” in the election.

“This election cycle was unique in the degree of foreign interference witnessed throughout the campaign,” wrote Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias. “The U.S. government concluded that Russian state actors were behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the personal email accounts of Hillary for America campaign officials.”


The lobbying effort to blame Russia and get the electors to flip their votes is being accompanied by an intense media campaign.

In the announcement that the Clinton campaign would join the recount, campaign counsel Elias aligned the campaign with an unverified Washington Post article based largely on a shadowy, anonymous group that blamed a list of 200 alternative media sites and political groups for spreading Russian propaganda to influence the election, without providing any evidence.

“The Washington Post reported that the Russian government was behind much of the ‘fake news’ propaganda that circulated online in the closing weeks of the election,” Elias wrote.

A Huffington Post article said one of the eight reasons the electors should overturn the election is because “Russian covert action influenced the election.”

The staunchly pro-Clinton Daily Kos wrote that “Even if they never touched a voting machine, there’s absolutely no doubt: Russia hacked the election.”

If evidence of hacking is found in the recounts, the Clinton campaign would be greatly aided in lobbying electors with confirmation from the Obama administration that Russia was behind it.

And the “evidence” has already been cooked up and waiting on the Clinton crime syndicate to plant it.

Proof? Like Daily Kos puts it: “Even if they never touched a voting machine, there’s absolutely no doubt: Russia hacked the election”

By all indication’s it’s going to be one hell of a fucking week.

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