The abominable Hillary Clinton isn’t about to just accept the election results and slip into a retirement of bitterness and booze. In a vintage Clinton political black operation, Hillary has diabolically enlisted the help of Green party candidate Jill Stein to launch a recount bid in three critical Rust Belt states that slipped from the Democratic party’s grasp while Mrs. Clinton was shucking and jiving with foul-mouthed rappers.

Stein’s effort centers around the need to plant the seeds of doubt by planting “evidence” that the Russians interfered in the election process, therefore convincing Electoral College members to flip to Hillary in two weeks.

Accompanying Clintonstein’s recount scam efforts is a bunch of fake news stories including a weekend whopper that the seals of five of nine voting machines in Wisconsin’s St. Clair County had been tampered with. The tale came with pictures from an anonymous leftist activist who goes by the name Wendy in Wisconsin and was hailed as definitive proof that Trump’s attempt to halt the recounts was an effort to hide his collusion with the demonic Vladimir Putin.

This flaming hunk of bullshit quickly made it’s way throughout the liberal blogosphere with none more enthusiastic than the den of the great orange Satan at the Daily Kos:

!!Breaking: Five of Nine Wisconsin Voting Machine Seals Were Tampered With!!…  Very important you go to this article by VAallBlue!

This is direct evidence of tampering with voting machines. There could be a reasonable explanation, but it is prima facie evidence that required procedures were not followed in Wisconsin, and IMO demonstrates irrefutably the need for a full hand recount in Wisconsin. I’m amazed I’m saying this, but, HUGE thanks to Jill Stein for her recount efforts—to which I’d recommend you contribute.

But as Mark Twain once famously put it, “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on it’s shoes” and rumor debunking site Snopes quickly pounced on the story and found it rife with inconsistencies including this big one:

The images purportedly showed two of the five machines, and their role in the recount efforts was not described. The images depicted two seals that read “REMOVAL OF LABEL VOIDS WARRANTY,” and while both images depicted worn labels, neither was removed.

Another inconsistency about the site’s claim was that it appeared to show a different type of machine from the type reported by the Wisconsin Elections Commission web site.  The site hosts a list of voting equipment used per municipality, [PDF] showing that although counties other than St. Croix used the ES&S brand of equipment listed, St. Croix used only Dominion and Sequoia products

Meanwhile, Dr. Jill continues to lie her ass off..

The liberal moonbats are pulling out all stops now but are getting increasingly sloppy in their desperation.

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