In the latest doozy to bubble up from the depths of the moonbat fever swamps, a progressive website is alleging that Donald Trump used blackmail to win the election. The obscure conspiracy mongers over at WhoWhatWhy claim that Trump blackmailed Facebook CEO into rigging algorithms in order to gain social media supremacy, thus depriving Hillary Clinton of her rightful place upon her Oval Office throne.

According to the sleuths from WhoWhatWhy “Trump Caught Blackmailing Zuckerberg Into Rigging Facebook”:

In a scandal that could upend the outcome of the election, new documents reveal that President-elect Donald Trump coerced Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg into tweaking his website’s algorithm in a way that benefitted the GOP nominee.

Earlier this year, Facebook was accused of shutting out conservative outlets from its “Trending News” column. Trump, who was worried that this could cost him the election, spent $9 million of his own money to hire several private investigators. They were tasked with digging into Zuckerberg’s background.

They struck gold in late July, shortly after Trump had accepted the Republican nomination in Cleveland. His investigators found the smoking gun showing that Zuckerberg had screwed Eduardo Saverin out of an ownership stake in Facebook. The document further showed that Zuckerberg had not been the inventor of Facebook but, rather, had stolen the idea from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, which had been alluded to in the movie “A Social Network.”

In an August 3 phone call, Trump threatened to go public with the documents, which WhoWhatWhy obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. That would have put Zuckerberg in a precarious situation. To ensure Trump’s silence, he agreed to help his fellow billionaire win the presidency. For his part, the GOP nominee promised to unleash Steve Bannon’s army of offshore pepe trolls.

The impact of his assistance could be noted immediately. As readers may recall, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had built a very large lead in the race following her convention. On August 4, she was up by 8 points in the average of national polls.

However, after Zuckerberg ordered his Facebook Premium Algorithm Loop Mapping (FacePALM) team to tweak his company’s software, the dynamics of the race changed and Trump was closing the gap quickly.

The site is touting the scoop as the “Scandal Could Change Outcome of the Election” which is more than a bit hyperbolic given that at least to this point, none of the other outposts on the Clinton communication and social media network have been promoting this bombshell.

WhoWhatWhy is also promoting their “Recount Roundup” so it’s no secret of exactly where this particular website’s political biases lie.

Why does the popular new “Fake News” label only apply to conservatives?

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