While leftist moonbats continue to hash out that secession from the union thing, the California legislature is busily passing anti-Trump resolutions. The Democratic party enjoys near total control of Golden State government and they spent the day of their swearing in ceremony flexing their muscles for an anticipated four year pitched battle with the incoming president.

The Associated Press reports “California lawmakers aim to protect immigrants from Trump”:

California lawmakers on Monday urged President-elect Donald Trump to refrain from pursuing mass deportations and introduced urgent legislation to fund immigration lawyers and help public defenders protect the state’s immigrants.

Democratic lawmakers also passed resolutions in both chambers urging the incoming administration to uphold a program for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants in the country illegally, despite intense protests from some Republicans.

State Sen. Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, introduced a bill to fund lawyers for immigrants in deportation proceedings, while Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, proposed helping public defenders assess the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

Both measures were marked urgent and aim to protect immigrants in California — which has more than 10 million foreign-born residents — from Trump’s campaign promises of tougher immigration enforcement.

“This is a salvo, if you will, across the board to make it very clear that these are the values of California,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Democrat from Los Angeles, told reporters.

Some values but what can you expect from a state that went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

Leading the charge of the gross hissy fit being thrown by California Dems, was State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon who issued a rallying cry to his comrades in arms.

According to Breitbart “California Speaker Rejects National Unity: ‘We Need to Fight’ Trump”:

Anthony Rendon, the Speaker of the California State Assembly, used the swearing-in ceremony of the California legislature on Monday to issue a call to arms against the federal government and President-elect Donald Trump.

“Californians should be wary of the national calls for unity and healing,” Rendon (D-Paramount) said, according to the text of his remarks as prepared for delivery. “Unity must be separated from complicity. And we must be defiant whenever justice, fairness, and righteousness require.

“Californians do not need healing. We need to fight,” he declared.

Rendon called the Trump administration a “major existential threat” on a par with the Second World War. He also repeated false charges against Stephen K. Bannon, the Executive Chair of Breitbart News (on leave) who was appointed CEO of the Trump campaign in August and has been named incoming White House Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor.

“White nationalists and anti-Semites have no business working in the White House,” Rendon said of Bannon.

A month after the election is over and liberals are still refusing to accept the results, someone needs give these big babies a lesson in civics, a spanking and a pacifier because this is getting seriously ridiculous.

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