A celebrity Trump supporter is taking heavy fire from liberal sore losers over newly released merchandise that is supportive of the president-elect. The often-controversial singer/rapper Kid Rock has earned the wrath of snowflakes for an awesome product line that is selling like hotcakes.

According to Yahoo News “Kid Rock Launches Trump-Themed Apparel ‘Due to Overwhelming Demand’”:

A new line of apparel created to pay homage to President-elect Donald Trump will be available just in time for Christmas. Kid Rock — real name Robert Ritchie — who hit it big in the ’90s with hits like “Cowboy” and “Bawitdaba” and his flashy all-American aesthetic, has launched his own line of Trump merchandise. According to the recording artist’s Twitter, the masses have been clamoring for the gear, including a T-shirt with a sexually suggestive slogan.

“Due to overwhelming demand, we decided to go ahead and actually make this & other current event merch,” the Michigan native tweeted on Monday, introducing a collection that includes a handful of products that some people would find highly offensive. One shirt boasts the slogan “Gods, Guns, and Trump,” a phrase that’s already adorning other merch sold on websites including Amazon. Another, which the singer donned for a recent concert, shows a map of the United States and highlights the states that voted for Hillary Clinton in blue and the states that voted for Trump in red, calling the blue states “DumbF***istan.”

Just in time for Christmas, the official Kid Rock store is selling the following:

The “Make America Bad Ass Again” baseball cap

The  “God, Guns & Trump” T-shirt

The  “Dumbfuckistan” T-shirt

And my personal favorite:

The “Missing D” T-Shirt


Any of these would be a nice lump of coal in the stocking of a liberal moonbat close to you.

Originally published at Downtrend.com