In a totally batshit move for a rag that presents itself as a legitimate national publication, Slime Time magazine is outrageously calling for aggrieved Democrats who are still butthurt after Hillary’s loss to stop paying their federal taxes. Time’s incredible suggestion signals that the post-election liberal temper tantrum is now spiraling into dementia and permanent mental illness as it slowly dawns on snowflake nation that Donald Trump will indeed be their president.

According to the call to arms by a guy named Mark Weston“65 Million Americans Should Threaten to Not Pay Taxes”:

Until democracy is restored

The approximately 65 million Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton should pledge that in the future if a Republican wins the presidency with fewer votes than a Democrat for the third time in our era, we won’t pay taxes to the federal government. No taxation without representation!

Twice in the past 16 years, a Republican candidate who finished second in the popular vote has won the presidency. This year, Donald Trump won the electoral vote with about 46% of the popular vote, while Hillary Clinton received about 48%. If the parties stay this evenly divided, another electoral mishap is more likely than not in the next 20 years.

Is signing a pledge to not pay taxes legal? Yes, if no overt act of conspiracy is involved, and the pledge itself is hypothetical. No one knows when or if it would be carried out.

A national movement not to pay federal taxes in the future would put Republicans on notice: they do not have the right to impose a hard-right, second-place presidency on a moderate nation every dozen or so years. If the Republicans won’t help amend the Constitution so that America can resume being a democracy, then Democrats, lacking the representation that supporters of a future popular vote-winner ought to have in the executive branch, should not submit to paying taxes to the federal government.

Mr. Weston – the author of something called The Runner-up Presidency suggests that a Democrat party front group such as should take the initiative to push for the mass tax protest which is more than a bit ironic in that a good share of the Democratic party base pays no taxes.

The once respectable Time has seen it’s image plummet with consumers who have increasingly turned to the alternative media for their news and has become nothing more than a propaganda organ for Hillary and her backers. Like the rest of the establishment media, Time made no bones about who exactly they were shilling for in the run-up to the election:



But despite the partisan hackery, Time is exhibiting a sad bit of schizophrenia today after they awarded Trump with the coveted Person of the Year for 2016.

Kind of an odd contrast to providing a prominent forum for a crank like Weston to incite national civil disobedience.

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