In a stunning development that breathes new life into Democrat efforts at Electoral tampering, President Barack Obama announced a full intelligence review of alleged Russian hacking of the 2016 election. Liberals rejoiced when Obama put his thumb on the scale in what is a suddenly in doubt transition of power to Donald Trump.

It is an audacious abuse of power when the party in control of the White House  is able to use the federal government to undermine his legitimately elected successor.  But abuses of power are just the way that Barry rolls so why expect him to be a lame duck when he has the capability of further poisoning the well against Trump.

According to The Hill “White House orders intelligence report of election cyberattacks”:

President Obama has directed the intelligence community to conduct “a full review” of the 2016 election in light of reports of Russian interference, homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco said Friday.

The report is expected to be completed and transmitted to Congress before he leaves office Jan. 20.

It’s unclear how much of the report will be made public, however.
“We’ll see what comes out” but there will be a report to “a range of stakeholders to include Congress,” Monaco told reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

“We’re going to make public as much as we can,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said, but he noted the report will “contain highly sensitive and classified information.”

Establishment claims of “Russian” involvement in the election have yet to be backed up with one shred of proof and therefore should be viewed with extreme skepticism.

That it is expected that at least part Obama’s intelligence review is to kept secret is hardly reassuring coming from a rogue administration that has lied about damned near everything over the last eight years.

The fake news paddlers in the mainstream media are claiming that there is bipartisan support but that is extremely misleading. The two Republican backers of the Russian hacking claims are the notorious hysteric Lindsey Graham and the warmongering old coot John McCain. Both of whom have been salivating for a hot war with Russia and as Gang of Eight members represent the worst that the Senate has to offer when it comes to bipartisanship.

Obama’s review will cast a cloud of suspicion over Trump one week before the Electoral College votes. The announcement also ensures that the coming week will be filled with media innuendo that will propagandize the sheep into accepting that their President-elect is the agent of o foreign enemy.

For Democrats, the Russians stole it narrative very well may be the equivalent of the ‘stabbed in the back’ myth that galvanized Germany in the early Nazi period and even if Trump survives this furious effort to block his presidency it will fuel the resistance against him.

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