As the late, great gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson once famously wrote, “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” and this author is hard-pressed to remember a weirder time in my lifetime than the eerie post-election period that we are currently experiencing.

The Democrats have gone totally insane with grief, rage and denial after Hillary Clinton’s spectacular flameout, the fake news media is still cranking out anti-Trump agitprop 24/7 and there are rumblings about an Electoral College coup. The entire establishment has gone back to the future with the manufactured red scare as well as the insidious smearing of any critics (and Trump supporters) as sleeper agents of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps one of the stranger aspects is the increasingly frequent presence of former CIA spook Evan McMullin who is becoming a fixture in the mainstream media with his increasingly strident rhetoric towards the President-elect. McMullin was the guy finally settled on by notorious neocon William Kristol as the Never Trump standard bearer and was sent to pull enough votes in the Mormon heavy western states to swing the vote to Hillary. Thanks to arrogance and an incredibly incompetent organization, the queen of mean got bushwhacked in the Rust Belt, putting Utah and Idaho out of play and relegating Mr. McMullin to being a footnote in history.

But shit happens and with a full-blown putsch attempt cooking among electors, the man who looks like an evil Charlie Brown is a constant media presence as the tension mounts to a crescendo before the electors convene on Monday.

According to The Hill McMullin blasted Trump as “not a loyal American’” over the weekend:

Former conservative independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin on Saturday accused President-elect Donald Trump of not being “a loyal American.”

McMullin, a former CIA operative and House GOP aide, made the comment while slamming Trump’s reported pick of Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of State.

It must be clear that Donald Trump is not a loyal American and we should prepare for the next four years accordingly,” McMullin wrote on Twitter.

Then on Wednesday, McMullin popped up again to bolster a New York Times story that reported that the Russians had hacked the RNC – which has been denied by RNC head Reince Priebus and others – which is a key component to the bogus case that Putin rigged the election in favor of Trump.

The Hill reports that “McMullin: GOP knew about, ignored Russian meddling in election”:

Former independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin on Wednesday charged that congressional Republicans were aware of Russian efforts to meddle in the U.S. presidential election but didn’t do anything about it.

“Look, the truth is it’s been very obvious for leaders in Washington on the Republican side that the Russians have been undermining our democracy, or did undermine our democracy,” McMullin said at an event hosted by Politio.

I know because I know for a fact that they know this. It was a topic of discussion during the election and they chose not to stand up.”

A secret CIA assessment first reported by The Washington Post concluded Russia intervened in the presidential election to help Donald Trump win the presidency. Trump and his aides have since blasted the report, with the president-elect calling it “ridiculous” that Russia would work to help him.

McMullin said Republicans are now “sticking their heads in the sand on this issue as they did during the campaign.”

“I will tell you, this is not a new issue,” he said.

“They knew during the campaign that this was happening and they chose not to say anything because they knew it would harm them politically. That is the issue, the sacrifice of principle for power, the sacrifice of the country’s interests for the party’s interests.”

There is some pretty strange shit going down right now and one gets the feeling that it’s about to get a whole lot stranger.

Michael Krieger of the blog Liberty Blitzkrieg makes some interesting points about McMullin:

I can’t say that I disagree with anything that Krieger is saying either.

Given the ongoing developments as well as the CIA’s long and sordid history of regime changes abroad it’s somewhat difficult to not suspect that something similar is in the works right here in the USA.

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