This weekend’s Sunday morning shows feature a veritable Christmas stocking bursting at the seams with assholes. In the ongoing efforts to undermine incoming President Donald Trump on foreign policy the establishment is going big on Sunday to spread the meme that over 60 million American voters are Kremlin sleeper agents.

The media has tripled down since Hillary’s loss and has reconfigured itself into a huge megaphone for politicians and others peddling their wares about the vast Russian conspiracy and it’s domestic head who barring any last minute surprises will be sworn in next month.

According to The Hill’s preview of the festivities (bolded text are author’s comments):

 ABC’s “This Week”: Interim DNC chair Donna Brazile makes an appearance. Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who is advising the transition team, discusses Trump’s response to the intelligence community’s position on Russia. U.S. Ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute talks about the international response to Russia. Two members of the House Intelligence Committee, Reps. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) also join.

What a great guest list. Not only is Brazile a thoroughly discredited liar and cheat who was fired from CNN for feeding Hillary debate questions but she also remains ensconced at the DNC as an operative for the Clinton dead-enders. Adam Schiff is that raving nutcase who went on nighttime TV and actually accused Fox Host Tucker Carlson of being a Russian agent.

CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will weigh in on Trump’s foreign policy.

This one speaks for itself. There is probably no greater war criminal and psychopath in modern American history than Henry Kissinger, a man who is so vile that Satan fears that he will take over the rulership of  Hell once he finally croaks.

NBC’s “Meet the Press”: Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta makes an appearance. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates discusses Russia’s meddling in the election.

If you pick up a dictionary and look up the term scumbag it should be accompanied by an illustration of John Podesta. How is it that a political hack who just managed the campaign of one of history’s biggest losers gets afforded prime space during a nationally televised show to lie about the contents of those damning emails that were snagged an a phishing attack and to continue to wail about Russian hacking of the election despite no evidence to back up the claims. 

CNN’s “State of the Union”: Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) both give exclusive interviews.

This one’s a doozy but considering it is CNN nothing less than the grandest of shitshows would suffice. Loretta Lynch is the human embodiment of high government corruption and despite her shady meeting with Bill Clinton on an airplane in Phoenix to cut a deal to spare Hillary from FBI prosecution she is still somehow treated as a reputable character.

But it’s the exclusive interview with Mr. Sunday morning himself – John McCain – that will serve as the launching pad for the holiday week’s main red-baiting, anti-American talking points. McCain will presumably sit down with ace fake news peddler Jake Tapper to spew think thank crafted, anti-Trump talking points designed to cast suspicion on both his presidency as well as millions of Americans who are on the brink of being accused of treason by the establishment.

You can bet that Jake Tapper or whichever talking head has the honor of sucking up to McCain won’t ask the warmongering old codger any serious questions relating to why he was in Ukraine holding pep rallies before the 2014 coup and more importantly, why was he palling around with neo-Nazis.

Those are the two big questions that should be asked of McCain given his open advocacy for neo-McCarthyite witch hunts, shutdown of alternative media and provoking a war with Russia.

December 2013 McCain Goes to Ukraine, February 2014 Ukrainian government toppled.

McCain’s buddy Oleh Tyahnybok headed up virulently anti-Semitic neo-Nazi party that provided muscle for Kiev coup:



The big media propaganda megaphones have a lot of gall accusing Trump of being a sponsor of white nationalism while this six-term slimeball is given a free pass for his affiliation with REAL white nationalists – and neo-Nazis to boot.

McCain has quite a history of chumming around with questionable characters, and so do the Sunday morning propaganda fests that regularly feature this dangerous charlatan as an authority on anything.


Fake news is not only promoting official government lies as truth but also the lies of omission by failing to provide the proper context or ask the proper questions of McCain, Lynch, Podesta and their ilk.

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