Pushing back against an onslaught of whining by sore loser Democrats that the Russians stole the election from Hillary, the fully demonized Vladimir Putin chimed in with his two cents. The latest incarnation of the new Hitler dropped a lump of coal into the stockings of embittered leftists by mocking them over not accepting the will of the voters.

According to The Hill “Putin: Dems ‘need to learn to lose with dignity’”:

Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Friday dismissed a question about whether he interfered with the U.S. election, instead ripping Democratic leaders for blaming their loss on Russia.

Democrats are losing on every front and looking for people to blame everywhere,” Putin said during his annual press conference in Moscow, according to the Washington Post. “They need to learn to lose with dignity.

Putin pointed to Republican wins in Congress and asked, “Did we do that, too?”

He credited Trump’s win to his ability to understand “the mood of the people.”

The Russian leader also suggested the election interference “unveiled true information” about the Democratic Party, which was proven by the ousting of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“The most important thing is the gist of the information that hackers provided to the public,” he said, according to Agence France Presse.

Putin’s smackdown will only serve to infuriate Dems and their winged monkeys in the press who will escalate their red-baiting to new levels and rail against .

But hey, give the devil his due for attempting to cut through the fake news and deranged demagoguery to point out that the contents of the allegedly hacked emails is the real story.

Putin’s throwing of mud in the eyes of Democrats comes as there are finally signs of cracks in the wall on new-McCarthyite propaganda.

Stunningly, CBS News is venturing into the territory of heresy by daring to publish a piece questioning the veracity of the evidence-free claims that Putin ordered the election to be hacked in order to prevent the Clinton restoration.

From the commentary entitled “Where’s the evidence that Russia hacked the Democrats?”:

Have you seen any conclusive evidence that Russia hacked Democratic email servers in order to get Donald Trump elected president?

Sure, there’s some reason to think Moscow wanted Trump to win, and some cybersecurity firms say the evidence points to Russian intelligence. But nearly two weeks after The Washington Post published a bombshell report saying that the CIA believes the hack was not only ordered by the Kremlin but done with the intent of helping Trump, we’ve seen very little real evidence to back up that conclusion.

It feels safe to say the Russians were likely responsible, and that they were happy Trump won. For one thing, Trump made better relations with Russia a central part of his policy platform, and was hesitant to ever criticize Vladimir Putin.

Trump has also flirted with breaking up NATO and has shown no interest in lecturing other nations about their human rights abuses. So it’s not hard to imagine why Putin might have had an interest in helping Trump’s campaign in any way he could.

Still, we’ve seen no real evidence to support the idea that he ordered the hack. So it’s a bit odd that the elite liberal consensus, one shared by many Beltway conservatives, is that Trump is some kind of unwitting pawn of the evil Russians.

Well, in fairness, maybe not that odd. Clinton supporters are looking everywhere for a scapegoat to explain their candidate’s surprising loss, whether it be James Comey’s FBI or the phenomenon of “fake news.” And now they seem to have settled on Russia, our old Cold War foe, as the number one culprit.

When even CBS – which has been in lockstep with the rest of the establishment media in ginning-up a new red scare and it’s accompanying government tribunals to smash dissent – is beginning to call out the yet to be proven “Russian” hacks then it is truly a bad omen for Dems and their allies.

They have seriously oversold the Russian angle as the primary excuse that their insipid, corrupt, warmongering psychotic and incompetent candidate snatched defeat for the jaws of victory. By accepting the verdict of the voters (sorry libbies but California doesn’t count) then the Clinton apparatchiks within Democratic party could find that their iron-clad control challenged as it should be and the glaring fact that the the blue jackass party blew the election by crapping on white working class Rust Belt voters should have the Clinton faction banished to the political equivalent of Siberia.

Could it be that we have finally reached a period of Peak Putin? This could be very bad news for Democrats who have staked their hopes in 2018 and beyond on the overturning of Trump’s victory based on nothing but a boatload of innuendo that a foreign nemesis hacked democracy.

Originally published at Downtrend.com