Even as this year’s finals are being contested on the hardwood without rainmaker LeBron James, the National Basketball Association is reportedly mulling a major change to placate the usual array of whiny chronic malcontents and multimillionaire ingrates.

It seems like some of the “slaves” on the league’s teams are feeling pretty damned oppressed as they cash those massive paychecks and it stems from the idea that the people who are paying them are correctly referred to as owners.

So what to do? How about purging the term “owner” and replacing it with something more communistic like “chairman” or something?

Yes, this is actually an idea that is being considered which if implemented, will immediately result in NBA Commissioner Adam Silver dethroning the NFL’s Roger Goodell as the dumbest motherfucker who presides over a major sports league in America today.

The NBA has serious issues. This year’s Golden State-Toronto championship is a ratings disaster capping a season when ratings were in the crapper due to noncompetitiveness, the unlikelihood of any team to have a chance at winning a title due to the Warriors dynasty, players who are unlikable and who in some cases, have attacked fans in the stands and having a surly race-baiting Twitter diva in King James as the face of the league.

So there are far bigger problems than simply pandering to social justice warriors who blame white people for everything that has gone wrong in their lives and Prima Donnas in gym shorts whose only marketable skill is being able to dribble and dunk as their heroes.

But hey, it’s all about racism!

As reported by TMZ:

Multiple NBA teams have had high-level conversations about doing away with the term “owner” over the past year — and at least two teams have already made the switch, TMZ Sports has learned.

We’re told the conversations essentially center around the idea that the term, owner — in a league where the majority of the players are black — feels racially insensitive.

Several high-ranking sources from multiple teams tell us people have been talking about the issue for a while but it gained steam in late 2018 when Draymond Green appeared on LeBron James’ show, “The Shop,” and argued against teams using the term.

“You shouldn’t say owner,” Green said … noting the title should be changed to either CEO, Chairman or something like Majority Shareholder.

The two top grievance mongers who are quoted – LeBron James and Draymond Green – aren’t exactly being forced to pick cotton:

The NFL and Goodell learned the hard way about the toxic mixture of their product and racial politics and once the kneelers were kept off the television, ratings bounced back last season even though there are still a lot of former fans who the tolerance of Colin Kaepernick and his disciples permanently alienated.

The NBA is ready to do likewise if it formally adopts this crazed SJW bullshit and with its viewership being a fraction of the NFL, bowing to the loudmouthed miscreants may be the equivalent of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.