Having completed the initial wave of demagoguery, allegations without proof, sensationalist yellow journalism and lies of high government officials the Obama regime’s slam dunk case against the hated Vladimir Putin for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines MH17 over a war zone is disintegrating. We have seen this movie before back when there was the similar damning case being made against Syria’s president Bashar al Assad for allegedly gassing his own people in that Damascus suburb of Ghouta late last summer. The telescreens on the cable “news” channels showed wall to wall crash site images just like that disgusting little loop of the poor dying children in Ghouta last summer. I happened to go out to have lunch at a local sports pub last Friday and every screen in the place – well over twenty of various sizes – were tuned into the carnage including graphic pictures of bodies which although digitally fuzzed over weren’t conducive to good digestion. This is the way it is when you live in what writer Chris Hedges has called an “Empire of Illusion”.

Despite Secretary of State John “Skull and Bones” Kerry’s appearance on all five of the Sunday morning government propaganda shows – one too many as the asinine one let slip with a GASP off camera criticism of Israeli’s “pinpoint” operation in Gaza which continues to produce civilian deaths including may children. He was inevitably pounced on by Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace for his latest gaffe of not being sufficiently lock-step with the shelling of children and it will be a boon for Republicans come election time. By Monday the story was already falling apart despite Kerry’s latest indisputable proof and the admission came out that “Senior U.S. intelligence officials say they have no evidence of direct Russian government involvement in the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17” and that the plane was likely shot down as the result of a “mistake”. However the continued provocation of Russia and Putin will continue as the corrupt state-corporate media is now selling the line that Russia “created the conditions” for the shootdown.

This is a crock of shit because in the usual weaving of a narrative that completely omits any piece of actual history relevant to the lies of Washington the fact that what really “created the conditions” for the MH17 disaster was the US government backing of the coup d’etat assisted by fascists and neo-Nazis that displaced the democratically elected leader of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in February which destabilized the country. Libertarian former US Congressman Ron Paul said exactly that and predictably is being savaged for telling the truthby the neocon attack artists on the outer fringes of the media machine as the smears work their way through the echo chamber, coming soon to Jennifer Rubin’s Washington Post blog. Now that the star-spangled sheep, already whipped into the usual bloodlust against Russia by months of lies have had the idea that Russia shot down the airliner firmly embedded in their thick skulls the shift will be on to the exploitation of the victims of the downed airliner to exploit the emotional factor. CNN is an expert with this having practically turned the entire operation over to 24/7 coverage of that other Malaysian Airlines jet a couple of months ago. As for the human interest story the inclusion of the 100 AIDS experts who were killed enroute to a conference will get the cruise missile liberals onboard and the narcissist in chief is already exploiting their deaths in his latest playing of the identity politics card as a way to disguise the bloodthirsty imperial agenda that is really at work.

So for now the blame game will be shifted back to medium heat because for the admission that there was no obvious Russian role in the shooting down of MH17 to have been made there is probably smoking gun proof of exactly the opposite and that an element of the junta in Kiev ordered the plane to be downed as a psychotic and cynical gambit that brings to mindOperation Northwoods. There is merit in this idea given the history of black ops as well as the ruthlessness of the neo-Nazis and fascists that the US supports within the Porshenko-Yatsenyuk illegitimate regime in Kiev. After all, the Kiev based junta did promise a “very nasty surprise” for anti-fascist, anti-austerity, federalist rebels who were gaining the upper hand in the civil war/ethnic cleansing operation in the east.  What could be more nasty than a false flag event, hundreds of dead bodies and a hell of a mess to clean up, a fully gestated media psyop to affix the blame and induce conditions of dramatically ratcheted down violence followed by a relentless barrage of civilian areas. Poroshenko immediately unleashed the GRAD attacks on Donetsk and has escalated the rhetoric – likely reading off of US supplied talking points to have the rebels officially designated as “terrorists” which would provide the impetus for the hitting of Russia with that “financial neutron bomb” which would be an unprecedented escalation and an act of war.

But something is up because with the Obama administration backing off – at least for now – and State Department representatives getting testy with the press and referring to social media as proof the plan to pin it on Putin has gone badly awry somewhere.