There is an acronym that is very descriptive of life in Obamastan and that is BOHICA which stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again. The most recent example is the secretive Senate committee that just put their seal of approval on the brand new cybersecurity bill. It is just the latest stomping down of the big government jackboot on the privacy rights of law-abiding citizens. Not that the average American even has a say in the shredding of the Constitution by our rancid rogue political system because when you have secret courts, secret panels, secret deliberations and secret deals then how can you really have a “free” country? The merger of state and corporate power has a name and that is fascism. The coming accord between big government and big business to put Americans under the watchful eye of big brother is just another step closer to the edge of that abyss.

According to the leading tech website CNET in a story entitled “Senate panel approves controversial cybersecurity bill”:

The Senate Intelligence Committee approved a controversial cyberscurity bill on Thursday that’s designed to help companies and the federal government better defend against the growing threat of data breaches.

Approved by a 14-1 vote, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) aims — by providing expanded legal liability protections to companies sharing data — to encourage US companies to share information about security breaches with each other and government agencies. Supporters argue that the legislation is necessary to reduce the impact of an uptick in the theft of customers’ personal information.

“This current bill is critically important both for our agencies that keep the country safe, and the institutions that hold millions of Americans’ personal information,” Sen. Richard Burr, a North Carolina Republican and chairman of the panel, said in a statement.

The committee passed a similar bill last year by a 12-3 vote, but the measure stalled after privacy advocates raised concerns that it would reinforce government powers to conduct surveillance on US citizens, particularly after former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released details of the secret spying programs.

Sen. Ron Wyden, the only lawmaker to vote against the new bill Thursday, said the measure “lacks adequate protections for the privacy rights of American consumers, and…will have a limited impact on US cybersecurity.”

“This information-sharing is only acceptable if there are strong protections for the privacy rights of law-abiding American citizens,” Wyden said in a statement. “If information-sharing legislation does not include adequate privacy protections, then that’s not a cybersecurity bill — it’s a surveillance bill by another name.”

Senator Wyden has consistently been one of the lone voices speaking out from inside the belly of the beast that is our Leviathan federal government. However, as the 14-1 vote to move closer to the inevitable cram down of this totalitarian wet dream shows, he is badly outnumbered. It’s notable to see how despite the official media narrative that Democrats and Republicans are at loggerheads overeverything that when it comes to giving the government even more power to snoop on Americans they are in unison.

It’s the same way with foreign wars that have nothing to do with our national interests and everything to do with selling weapons to keep the campaign contributions flowing and not acting to control our porous borders. When do actual Americans have a voice on any of this crap? The idea that democracy still exists in the post 9/11 doppelganger of what used to be the United States of America is a hoax and a very sick one at that. Big time anti-American scams like the CISA bill and the coming ultra-secret Trans Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP) show how much influence that the ordinary Joe and Jane really have anymore. Just go and ask the conservatives who turned out in droves back in November to make a statement for change. It didn’t take very long for the same corrupt “leaders” to be put right back in charge and those campaign promises rapidly reneged upon.

The corrupted system is desperately working to immunize itself from change if andwhen people are ever able to wake up from their slumber and mount a challenge. The cybersecurity bill which is an extension of the NSA Stasi government power into private industry will ensure that any dissent will be rapidly squashed.