While Queen Hillary’s fat ass was being roasted on a spit in the Benghazi hearings, the Senate screwed us all real good. With the entire country watching Mrs. Clinton twist in her girdle, Mitch McConnell and the fascists in the upper body quietly advanced Emperor Barack Obama’s longed for cyber security bill. It was but another wretched anal raping of America that used the hearings as a diversionary tactic. Privacy rights have been shredded under Obama but he couldn’t have a more loyal ally in destroying the country from within than McConnell with his pack of merry, bought-off bandits.

Reuters reports that “Cyber security bill advances in Senate”:

A long-delayed bill that would make it easier for corporations to share information about cyber attacks with each other or the government without fear of lawsuits advanced in the U.S. Senate on Thursday with support from members of both parties and the White House.

Dozens of industry and business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, back the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), saying it would help encourage companies and the government to share information that might help thwart high-profile cyber attacks.

But many privacy activists and a few lawmakers, including Republican Senator Rand Paul and Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, vehemently oppose it. Several big tech companies also have come out against the measure, arguing that it fails to protect user privacy and does too little to prevent cyber attacks.

“The bill would grant legal immunity to companies who in sharing information actually violate your privacy,” Paul said in the Senate shortly after a procedural vote of 83 to 14, well above the 60 “yes” votes needed to move ahead.

The Senate began debating amendments to the measure, which is on track to pass next week.

With the latest and greatest iteration of the permanent campaign now in full swing many have already forgotten that the Obama regime has conducted the most aggressive surveillance and data-mining operations in U.S. history. Despite media coverage after the leaks of controversial former government contractor Edward Snowden about the extent of the NSA Stasi’s snooping on millions of otherwise law abiding citizens, such inconvenient truths have now been flushed down the memory hole. But fascism never sleeps and this is especially true under the rule of the amoral narcissist Obama who is desperately trying to get both the cyber security package (more spying on us all) as well as the globalist Obamatrade job-destroying pact with the devil rammed through. Then with the nation’s infrastructure having been transformed so that totalitarianism is only the push of a button (or flip of an internet kill switch) away, the future leaders will have the means at their disposal to crush all political dissent. One thing about power is that it only wants one thing – more power.

It would be pretty damn ironic if the corrupt Congress and Obama get away with this, especially when their dirty work was done as Mrs. Clinton – who has a good chance of ending up in the White House if Trump is finally subdued – was being grilled. It will be even more ironic if she then uses the vast array of police state powers to go after that great right-wing conspiracy that she has been ranting about for years. The feds are already categorizing libertarians and free-thinking conservatives as well as Christians whose beliefs drive them to activism as potential domestic terrorists so this cyber security bill is a pretty big deal. Liberty loving Americans need to keep their eye on the ball.