In yet another strange tale revolving around a Georgia Waffle House, a woman has been arrested for the poisoning of a former co-worker – she spiked his drink with meth. There appears to be a trend of bizarre tales involving one of America’s most beloved breakfast eateries and the state of Georgia. It was only last month that a woman freaked out, stripped naked and ran amok at a Marietta store and last year an employee was busted for masturbating in a booth at a Macon location. Now comes the news of the Dawson County methamphetamine mama.

WSBTV of Atlanta reports on the incident in the article “Waffle House employee accused of poisoning coworker”:

A Waffle House employee is behind bars accused of trying to poison her coworker.

Investigators in Dawson County say the crime happened inside the restaurant on Hwy. 53 late at night with customers inside.

“It’s crazy to think that another human being would do this to another human being,” said Dawson County sheriff’s Capt. Tony Wooten. “It’s just something in my 18 years I’ve never experienced.”

Deputies say Sonserea Evans poisoned Brian Mikeals by spiking his drink with a big dose of methamphetamines.

“At one point he was critical. At one point he was on a life support system, basically, he was being fed through a feeding tube and was in a comatose state, so at one point he was clinging to life,” Wooten said.

Wooten says the alleged poisoning took place on Dec. 23.

“We started getting some pieces of the story over the next few days,” Wooten said.
A key piece of evidence came from Waffle House itself.

“We were able to get some video footage that Waffle House had that actually showed the female who has been arrested. It showed her taking the cup, walking towards the bathroom area and then coming back with the cup while he was outside,” Wooten said.

Investigators wouldn’t show Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant the video and are still working to sort out a motive since Evans isn’t cooperating.

Wooten says it took them six weeks to collect the evidence they needed to file charges, which is why they did not make an arrest sooner.

“We’ve got video evidence. We’ve got several witnesses that we’ve interviewed in this case. (It) took a little length of time to make sure that we got this right,” he said.

In an emailed statement, a Waffle House spokesperson told Diamant the company fired Evans. The statement said, “We are very concerned over this matter and are working with the local authorities to assist in their investigation. Our main focus now is on our Associate who was injured and his family as they go through this trying time.”

Officially, Evans faces felony aggravated battery and drug charges. She could face more charges if Mikeals gets worse.

Having spent a number of my younger years working in the food service industry I can certainly attest to the dismal nature of some of the people who were my fellow employees so this really isn’t much of a surprise. Evans is in between jobs right now and if her victim dies she will be going from the Waffle House to the Big House.